Jenna Marbles Doesn’t Understand Men

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So Jenna Marbles is a quasi-hot nerdy chick who “tells it like it is” on YouTube…

I used to think some of her earlier videos were amusing, now she just fucking annoys me…

Here’s her most recent video called “Things Boys Don’t Understand” where she tries to explain things girls do which are too fucking stupid for us guys to understand… go figure…

So let me recap them and give my retort…

1. Women take a long time to get ready

Marbles, you take a long fucking time to EXPLAIN why you take a long time to get ready. I watched your previous video and get it, you are ugly au natural and need a shitload of clown make-up, spray tan and hair weaves* to look like a whore… whatever… go make me a fucking sammich while your fake press-on nails* dry.

2. Girls Just Can’t Take A Quick Shower

You don’t have balls, thus you don’t have any fucking balls to scrub… thus you should be able to shower faster. And you’re whining about your fucking hair drying? 75% of the surface area of my body is covered by hair BITCH! Take your pink weaves* out and go get your pussy wet!

3. Washing Hair Every Day Is Bad For It

Girls straighten, curl, dye, pull, bleach, dry their hair on a regular basis… but WASHING it “ruins” it? Bitch, you won’t be bald when you’re 80 cuz you’ll just buy another weave!

4. Don’t Slap Her Ass

A jockey slaps a horses ass to make it move… need I say more? WHERE’S MY SAMMICH *SLAP!*

5. It Hurts When You Lay On My Hair

They make weaves* with nerves in ‘em now?

6. Putting Your Dick In My Face Does Not Make Me Want To Suck It

Who we kidding Marbles? Putting $20 in your face makes you suck dick you cheap pink-haired whore*.

*Observations* Your “dogs” look more like giant rats to me… giant rats who have the look on their face of “I rather be at the vet being chased by a vacuum cleaner than be in the hands of this loud mouth pink-haired bitch”…

*SUMMARY* Women have some strange illusion that “hair” is what will make or break them, so thus they are overly concerned about it… understand this toots - it’s tits, face, ass, legs & tight vag that we care about… and we are only concerned about shooting our load into your hair.

Enough joking around…

I normally don’t call girls “bitches” or “whores”, but I’m just having fun with sassy-ass Jenna Marbles.

And let me leave you with one last message Marbles…

It’s not that men don’t “understand“, it’s that they just DON’T CARE!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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*DISCLAIMER* All the above is purely parody and satire, I am not advocating that she is a real life whore, wears weaves or fake nails… it is just my general opinion that she does/is ;-)

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