5 Weird Ways that Jeremy Meeks Mugshot can Help You Improve Your Facebook and Online Dating Profile Pictures

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By now you’ve probably heard about Jeremy Meeks “sexy” mugshot photo. Jeremy has a criminal past and got arrested by the Stockton Police Department. The police department posted his mugshot on their Facebook page and women went nuts. As of today, it’s got almost 100,000 likes and 13,000 shares.

So what about Jeremy Meeks mugshot is so “sexy”? More importantly, how can we use it to pick more attractive Facebook or online dating profile pictures?

I’m going to break down what about the picture women find so damn enticing.

First, here’s the mugshot:

Jeremy Meeks sexy mugshot

Let me state the obvious. Jeremy DOES have some features that are hard to emulate. He’s got a flattering jaw line and cheek bones. He’s got symmetrical features. He also seems to have an intriguing mix of race. You can’t do much about your bones and race. So lets focus on what we CAN change and use.

So here’s the 5 things from the Jeremy Meeks mugshot that can help you improve your Facebook and online dating profile pictures.

1.) Look Like A “Bad Boy”

Part of the appeal is that Jeremy is a criminal. He’s a “bad boy”. Women like bad boys. But does that mean you should commit crimes, join a gang and get neck tattoos? NO! It means you should make subtle changes to appear more badass. For example, have facial hair stubble like Jeremy. Get an “edgier” hair style. Wear some cutting-edge sunglasses and clothes. Stop looking like a clean-cut nerd. Start looking like a street-smart badass.

2.) Position Your Head Properly

Jeremy has his head cocked to the right and slightly down. Pictures are always more flattering when taken aimed downward at the face. Never use a picture that’s aimed upward at the face. Your nose will look bigger. Your chin will look bigger. It’s less flattering.

3.) Don’t Smile But Don’t Frown

Online dating sites always suggest using pictures of you smiling. I’ve found that the pictures women like best are when you’re NOT smiling. That doesn’t mean use pictures of you frowning. Those make you look angry and threatening. I suggest using neutral or “blank gaze” pictures. They make you look like a harmless bad boy. Jeremy seems to have this pose mastered.

4.) If You Can’t Fix It, Feature It

So what’s Jeremy’s LEAST flattering features? His tattoos & scar by his left eyebrow? His lack of hair? His little Yoda ears? Oddly, modeling agencies LIKE these features. They say he’s “gangster chic”. When I say Cindy Crawford, what do you think of? I think of the mole by her lips. Stop being self-conscious of what you perceive as a flaw and either fix it or be proud of it.

5.) Try Wearing Color Contacts Or Glasses

Jeremy is blessed with light blue eyes. Girls are drawn to your eyes. So accentuate them. If you’re like me and have boring brown eyes, try something different. Get some flattering eyeglasses. Try out color contacts. I recommend green, blue and hazel.

In Summary, STOP getting butt-hurt about the hypocrisy of women loving “bad boys”. START figuring out WHY girls are attracted to them. And then start using that knowledge to YOUR advantage.

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It’s casual,

Mack “Bad Boy” Tight

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