Joe Doyle from “The Pickup Artist” Doing Stand-Up Comedy

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Remember Joe Doyle AKA “Joe D” from The Pickup Artist Season 1?!?

He came in third but was a fan favorite because #2 Brady was already a model and #1 Kosmo was an actor (expect an update about him soon too!)…

Well, Joe D is still teaching pickup classes independently in the LA/Vegas area…

But he is also trying his luck at comedy with some scripted online skits and some stand-up.

Here is a video of his first stand-up routine…

Can’t see it? Click here…

I guess everyone now gets a ghetto pass to call him “fat” since that seems to be what 90% of his material is about…

It’s funny how self-deprivation is so effective with comedy but so lethal when talking to women. I can see how guys go wrong out of habit.

Otherwise, I thought he was better than I imagined. No knee-slappers but he was fairly comfortable and the audience seemed entertained.

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