Johnny Soporno on reassessing rejection and eradicating misogyny

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I’ve heard a lot about Johnny Soporno the pick up guru lately so I spent some time doing some homework on him.

His schtick is that he works in the porn industry. That may impress some who think “porn is cool” but it really doesn’t impress me.

He really isn’t what I expected. Apparently he’s a minister of some sort and it shows. His delivery reminds me of a Priest giving a homily at mass. I’m not a fan of that style. It seems rather pompous and scripted to me.

Below is my favorite clip of him:

Click here to see video

Getting over hating and blaming women for your failures is very important in becoming better with women. It was one of the hardest things for me to do. It is so important to understand the pick up interaction from their viewpoint. Women then become less of a mystery and their actions seem more logical.

I’ve heard Mystery talk about this same topic several years ago in David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating Mastery Series. I enjoy the use of metaphors and similes by gurus such as Johnny but isn’t comparing sarging to fishing in any form a bit cliche?

I’m going to give you my own fishing/pickup metaphor to use:

“If you go fishing and catch a crotch bass and it smells rotten; don’t fucking eat it!”

Damn I’m good! Someone get me a pulpit.

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  • Stefan
    January 29th, 2008 at 1:13 am

    Johnny Soporno is a great guy. Met him in Toronto.

  • Mack Tight
    January 29th, 2008 at 8:59 am

    He seems like a great guy but I don’t know if I like him as a “guru” based on what I have saw of him so far.

    I’m interested on what did you think of his concepts, ideas and overall presentation? Is his material original and delivered in a way that you enjoyed?

  • Johnny Soporno
    February 11th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Hee hee - more proof that ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!’

    I am ACTUALLY a professional management consultant, although most of my work these days tends to revolve around the Adult Entertainmnet Industry in one-way-or-another, and I have been inundated in the field for so long, I’ve basically done everything a straight male can do in that business at some point. This gives me major credibility in a business which is full of flash-in-the-pan, 2 year long careers… and has afforded me considerable insight into the minds and motives of countless Hot Babes.

    Heh - I am an ‘ordained minister’ of The Church of the Subgenius, (it cost me $30!) and my particular ministry is called “The First Amalgamated Church and Trustco.” (formely “The First Evilangelical Secular Savings & Loan”) and is explicitly TONGUE-IN-CHEEK, in that I am actively and aggressively anti-religious.

    That said, I do welcome and invite you to check out my 5+ hour long FREE video seminar, “Intro to Seductive Reasoning 101″ which anyone may download (and redistribute freely!) from

    The seminar was actually 100% non-scripted and completely unrehearsed, (I didn’t even have notes!) and was shot live in front of close to hundred Toronto PUAs. It was offered entirely for free, and people were invited to record it for their own use, or to pass on the messages to others.

    It is STILL available completely for free, and I strongly encourage people to TAKE LOTS OF NOTES, because many of the fundamental reframes contained within it will really toss people for a loop, and they will tend to miss a lot of serious gold while they struggle to regain their cerebral footing, so to speak.

    I believe my material is _COMPLETELY_ RADICAL, and unlike anything else being taught ‘in the Community’ or elsewhere, so far as I’m aware.

    As for my status as a “Guru”, I will let you make up your own mind :)

    Johnny Soporno
    Lifestyle Guru
    The Worthy Playboy Institute

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