Johnny Soporno explains himself and The Worthy Playboys Institute

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Johnny Soporno of The Worthy Playboys InstituteBack in January I made a post about the pickup guru Johnny Soporno. I reviewed one of his MySpace videos and questioned him in many ways.

Yesterday he left the comment below. I want to thank him for taking the time to respond to my post. I respect him for doing that. I give my responses following his comment:

Hee hee - more proof that ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!’

I am ACTUALLY a professional management consultant, although most of my work these days tends to revolve around the Adult Entertainmnet Industry in one-way-or-another, and I have been inundated in the field for so long, I’ve basically done everything a straight male can do in that business at some point. This gives me major credibility in a business which is full of flash-in-the-pan, 2 year long careers… and has afforded me considerable insight into the minds and motives of countless Hot Babes.

Heh - I am an ‘ordained minister’ of The Church of the Subgenius, (it cost me $30!) and my particular ministry is called “The First Amalgamated Church and Trustco.” (formely “The First Evilangelical Secular Savings & Loan”) and is explicitly TONGUE-IN-CHEEK, in that I am actively and aggressively anti-religious.

That said, I do welcome and invite you to check out my 5+ hour long FREE video seminar, “Intro to Seductive Reasoning 101″ which anyone may download (and redistribute freely!) from (editorial note: go to instead for a direct link)

The seminar was actually 100% non-scripted and completely unrehearsed, (I didn’t even have notes!) and was shot live in front of close to hundred Toronto PUAs. It was offered entirely for free, and people were invited to record it for their own use, or to pass on the messages to others.

It is STILL available completely for free, and I strongly encourage people to TAKE LOTS OF NOTES, because many of the fundamental reframes contained within it will really toss people for a loop, and they will tend to miss a lot of serious gold while they struggle to regain their cerebral footing, so to speak.

I believe my material is _COMPLETELY_ RADICAL, and unlike anything else being taught ‘in the Community’ or elsewhere, so far as I’m aware.

As for my status as a “Guru”, I will let you make up your own mind :)

Johnny Soporno
Lifestyle Guru
The Worthy Playboy Institute

Awesome! I love it when gurus leave a response and I think it was an excellent comment. He plugged himself and his site which is expected, but he also addressed some of my questions.

Here are my initial responses:


I brought up religion in the first post because he mentioned it in his MySpace page. I am not a fan of gurus talking about religion or politics. In most cases it just alienates potential customers. Most gurus are smart enough to avoid it.

Johnny apparently makes no bones that he is anti-religious and uses devil horns as part of his schtick. Maybe he is being smart by using it as a marketing ploy. Marilyn Manson didn’t become huge because of his great music.

Porn Industry

He states:

“I’ve basically done everything a straight male can do in that business (porn) at some point. This gives me major credibility in a business which is full of flash-in-the-pan, 2 year long careers… and has afforded me considerable insight into the minds and motives of countless Hot Babes.”

I’m not following his logic at all there.

Most of those 2 year careers are teenage women who want to make it big in Hollywood and who resort to having anal sex on film for a couple hundred dollars. Most move on by the time they turn 22. I don’t know what that has to do with him.

To claim you have impeccable insight about hot babes because you got blowjobs by girls who were paid $100 to do it is ridiculous. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude what her motives were.

These women are not your typical women in your typical scenarios. It doesn’t take skill or knowledge to get them to perform sexual acts with you; it takes a couple Benjamins.

Just like with the religion bit, I think the whole porn schtick is a marketing ploy hence his name.

Other bits:

I like how he leaves it up to us to decide if he is worthy of being referred to as a “guru” but yet he refers to himself at a “Lifestyle Guru” in his signature.

I also like how he demands that we take notes watching a seminar that he brags that he didn’t have notes to give.

My overall final response:

I have to give him credit.

The porn and religion bit got me talking. It creates controversy which gives notoriety and sells products. I can see just by looking at my original post and my responses above that such marketing is highly effective.

I have a lot of guru material that I need to review and he got his foot in the door and moved himself up to the front of the queue. The fact that I disagree with his non-pickup views got me to notice him, talk about him and ultimately download and watch his pickup views.

It is incredibly counterintuitive. It is much like dealing with women.

You can download his Seductive Reasoning 101 seminar video for free at There are six parts and each part is between 150-250MB. I suggest staying away from Source 1 (Canada) because it cuts out at times.

The video quality is good and there are no annoying watermarks. Contrary to the claim on the page, it appears to be edited which is usually a good thing as a viewer.

Check it out and leave a comment letting me know what you think of him. When I am done watching it I will make a new post with my review. Subscribe to this blog feed to make sure you don’t miss it.

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  • Stefan
    February 12th, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    I’ve met Johnny and he’s an awesome guy! He is one of the few out there who REALLY wants to help people and is willing to take the time.

    I have a lot of love for the guy.

  • Mack Tight
    February 12th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks Stefan,

    Did you meet him at a convention?

    Call me ignorant but it amazes me how many of the notable gurus/coaches/instructors come from Canada (such as Stefan and the Lifestyle Transformations crew, Soporno, Mystery, Cajun, Tyler Durden, the whole Keys to the VIP show, etc).

  • chuks ugoji
    February 12th, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    I wish to meet him ,Jonny one of these days .

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