Johnny Wolf releases Attraction and Seduction Spell Colognes

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I ‘m not too familiar with Johnny Wolf other than that he is involved in putting together the PUA Summit act now and get your tickets for the 2009 PUA Summit for $149.

I give him credit for getting some solid gurus (oh yeah… and my buddy David Wygant) together for a reasonably priced seminar.

Anyhow, if you weren’t there Johnny announced to the audience his new Attraction Spell cologne and his stronger version, Seduction Spell Cologne.

He describes them as being “…loaded with Alpha Male Pheremones, to boost a woman’s sexual attraction, and your own testosterone! This is why every top pick up artist and guru wears Attraction Spell by Johnny Wolf”.

He made a video where he gives an award along with a bottle of it to Mystery in a concealed pouch and you can click here to visit the site that sells the cologne.

This is one of those situations where I’m going to keep my mouth shut until enough comments are made so if you want my opinion leave an on-topic comment (bullshit comments don’t count and will be deleted).

Trust me boys and girls; I’m chomping at the bit to throw in my two cents here…

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