Why I do not have a health club gym membership

One of the first things they tell you to do once you enter the seduction community is to join a health club and start working out. This is even more timely since many people make new year’s resolutions to become healthier this time of year.

I agree that you should be doing some form of cardio and strength training. I do this but I have yet to join a health club.

Here are the reasons why I’m not a member:


It seems like every health club wants you to sign at least a one year contract to join. I hate commitment. I have no clue where I’m going to be a year from now. I leave my life wide open.

The ones that allow you to pay month-to-month without contract require a large joining fee. This is bullshit. It is bad enough utility monopolies like phone and cable companies charge activation fees. It is worse when they are not a monopoly and they have to do very little to enroll you. For me this is the equivalent to the checkout worker at Wal-Mart charging me $5 before they will scan my items and allow me to purchase them. It is complete bullshit.

Dishonest health clubs

Many of the major health club chains have one thing in mind: to get you to sign a long term contract that puts money in their pocket on a monthly basis. Many of the workers are instructed to do what ever it takes to get you to sign on the dotted line.

If I was to ever join a health club I would want to check out the facilities before signing anything. Most of the major chains have free trial memberships. If you decide to use a trial membership you are going to get pressured to sign a contract before they give you the membership, during your trial and after. I do not want to subject myself to that grief.

If a club tries to push you to get personal trainer lessons be leery. Most of these lessons are overpriced and the trainers are often inexperienced so they are not very knowledgeable and cannot give tailored advice for your needs. I recommend saving your money on lessons and instead buying a book like The Abs Diet Get Fit Stay Fit Plan or DVD’s like The Abs Diet Workout and the corresponding The Abs Diet Workout, Vol. 2.

Before joining a club I suggest you search the club’s name at ripoffreport.com.

Health concerns

I was once a health inspector. I inspected many health club facilities in my day. They in general have some of the most poorly maintained pools and hot tubs that I have ever seen.

I can only imagine the bacteria, fungi and viruses that plague the locker rooms and fitness equipment at most facilities. It is sad that you have to be concerned about your health when going to a “health” club.

Waiting for equipment

When I want to work out I want to work out NOW. I do not want to wait around for equipment to open up so I can use it. I want to work out after work just like everyone else. I do not want to have to go at a later time to ensure that the equipment is available.


I have yet to find a club relatively close to where I live and work. New clubs are popping up like cockroaches in my area but they are still relatively out of my way.

You might consider joining a club farther away that is cheaper, has a better facility or clientèle. Don’t do it. If you are as lazy as I am it will mean you will go less often. Location is key.


Instead, I have a weight bench and a set of dumb bells in my apartment. The bench has leg lift, lat tower, and preacher curl attachments. You can buy a similar bench for around $200 shipped at Amazon. It was the best $200 I spent.41ag5d2td3l_aa280_.jpg

I do not have to drive to the gym. I do not have to wait in line for equipment. I do not have to pay monthly fees. I can exercise when I want.

I also recommend looking at weightlifting classes offered to the public by local universities and city park and recreation offices. These classes are often reasonable in price. The fact that they meet at a specific time ensures that the equipment will be open and forces the less motivated to exercise more regularly.

I know that there is this idea that a health club is a great place to pick up women. I think that coffee shops, night clubs, book stores and malls are just as good if not better. Women are more accessible to being opened at these places. They are looking for entertainment, amusement and to be social when they are there. When they are running on a treadmill listening to their iPod while focusing on their workout they are less accessible and open. I do not suggest joining a health club strictly for the prospect to pickup women.

I will give my cardio and diet advice tomorrow.