Julianne Hough is the real winner on Dancing with the Stars

I watched the end of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” last night and saw them award Helio Castroneves as the winner.

I have no clue who Helio is but it didn’t matter because I was only watching his dance partner Julianne Hough.

Up until last night I never fully understood the draw of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars”.

I have no problem watching a house full of washed up C-list stars bicker and fight with each other on the “Surreal Life” but why would I want to see old washed up C-list stars dance?

I’ve had friends tell me they watch it to see Stacy Keibler or Willa Ford or whoever the hottest and youngest star is for that season.

Last night I realized that the secret is the professional dance partners to the stars.  They are hot and young.  They wear slutty outfits and bend and move in ways that give me naughty thoughts.

I don’t give a shit about some retired football player doing the Cha-Cha or has-been TV star doing the waltz.  What I care about is Kym Johnson, Edyta Sliwinska and Julianne Hough.  They are the ones with the real talent.

Double Your DatingThey make me want to start taking dancing lessons.  That is until I go to the dance studio and get partnered up with some ug and quit.

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