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For one reason or another “Mack Tight” decided that he couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to make it last night. What was I going to do? Let a night go to waste because he couldn’t come? No, of course not, it’d be rather stupid for me to do such a thing. I kinda of just let it go, goofed around and bumped into a few girls here and there that I knew previously, and sarged some rather good looking ones, got some number closes and several day two’s. This wasn’t even a challenge to me, as I’ve progressed to the stage of advanced pick up artist over the past two years that I’ve been teaching and learning Venusian Arts. I can’t set limitations upon myself if I am to succeed. I’ve gotten to a point where no woman is ever unapproachable if not uncloseable.

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I aim to see myself in more pictures rather than just one like that. She’s cute, but both of us were caught off guard by the camera, thusly making us both look like buffoons. Last night was the start of my quest in becoming one of the best PUAs in the Midwest at least. From here on out, when I go back to Europe for vacation Sept.10-Oct.1 it’s going to be about annihilation of any such obstacles that place themselves in the way of my success.

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