Just because you number closed doesn’t mean it is over

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So many times I see guys do an incredible job of opening and number closing only to fuck it up later to a point that a call will surely result in flaking.

Newbies think that their fate is sealed once they number close and will many times take it easy afterwards. The girl they closed will see them standing around talking to no one for the rest of the night and take that as a demonstration of lower value. Why would she want to go on a day 2 with a guy that is not in demand?

So much of the emphasis is placed on what you do before the approach but I think what you do after is just as important.

I have one friend who has a strict profile of what his future wife will look like. Once he sees a girl who fits his profile he loses control and turns into a complete AFC. One time he managed to keep it together enough to actually number close a dream girl of his. After closing her he got nervous that he might have typed her number wrong on his phone. He saw her go to the bathroom so he waited outside of the bathroom for her to ask her if the number he typed was correct. Do confident guys who are in demand do such things? Fuck no. She flaked when he called her.

On the other spectrum, I was with Vedran Saturday night and he had his eye on a couple cougars who were in the bar. He opened them and had problems hooking so he kept plowing. Eventually he hooked one of them, gave her kino that escalatedBarry Sanders quit while he was on top to a kiss and number close. Once he bounced from the set he didn’t call it a night and just stand around with his thumb up his ass. Instead he took the momentum and opened more sets. The cougar he closed came back for more and orbited him like a satellite for the rest of the night but he was always busy talking to other young and attractive women. Do you think that might have escalated his value and guaranteed him a day 2? Well, it did.

Women who you have previously closed are going to keep an eye on you throughout the night. Make sure that what they see is going to give them the impression that you are the king shit. If you don’t have it in you to do this, quit while you’re on top like Barry Sanders and leave the venue or go home rather than letting your value fall.

Vedran adds:

Additionally to the post that Mack Tight made above I’d like to provide some input to any newbies reading this post: When closing (and this won’t work for everyone) I like to make sure to get a day two squared away. First, I determine when she can speak on the phone. From that deduction, since I know I can have substantial and interesting conversation with her, I like to also think that she can go out with me as well. It’s not an insta date, but it’s a way of getting an instant day-two.

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