Language Of Lust REVIEW

Lawrence Lanoff just released the new men’s dating program Language Of Lust.

Here’s my quick The Language of Lust review.

The product name is catchy and the free video & sample page are flashy. But what’s the program about?

Here’s what Lawrence says.

(The Language Of Lust reveals) how to make any woman sexually obsessed with you (and only you) without even touching her.

In my words, the program teaches men how to come off to women as highly “sexual”.

The free video really trumps up the “emasculation of American men” today. The mass media is trying to turn men into asexual “wimps”.

Women are not attracted to those type of men. They put them in the “friend zone”.

Okay, fine. But if you buy it, what’s inside?

Lawrence Lanoff Language Of Lust gives you “33 tricks that wake up the animal in a woman, make her feel safe and open with you (and only you) and fixes her sexual hunger on you, right where it belongs.”

Language Of Lust ReviewThese “tricks” include.

- The Erotic Porn Script Technique.

- The Pavlov’s Panty Drencher Technique.

- The Dirty From A Distance method.

- The Kink Exposure Method.

…and here’s a list of several more.

When you purchase The Language Of Lust, you are given a username and password to access a membership site. There you will find an ebook, audio, video, and coaching.

There’s a few bonuses too. They include.

- Unlocking The Threesome Code.

- Personal Porn Star Activation.

- The Nice Guy’s Guide To Texting Dirty.

The program is put out by Digital Romance Inc. whose founder is Michael Fiore. Michael is well known for creating many well received dating products for couples, men and women.

So What’s My FINAL Language Of Love Review?

I think Language Of Love is a solid program with a lot of content.

The cost is reasonable compared to similar programs.

T.V. and social media are trying to constantly “shame” men for being dominant and sexual. This program helps you avoid those traps, and instead manipulate them for your advantage.

The 33 tricks are overall solid. Yes, some are not the best. I thought a few were eerily similar to other tips I’ve seen in other programs. But the majority of them were great. And about a dozen of them are sheer genius.

After studying the program last week, I used the tricks this past weekend at a bar. They worked like a charm. I had literally three girls fighting over me. I went home with one and the other two had to settle with giving me their phone number.

My favorite “trick” is his “Emotional Revenge Method“. Women primarily act on emotions. While men are focused more on logic. This usually trips men up. Lawrence’s trick teaches you how to manipulate her “emotional” mind to turn her hot and horny for you.

There’s a 60 day money back guarantee, so there’s no real risk to try it out.

There will be no surprise bills later. It’s just one small payment.

Lawrence will try to get you to buy other products later, but you can just ignore it.

I recommend watching the free video and getting yourself a copy.

If you are on the fence about getting it, remember there’s a money back guarantee. Otherwise, check out my other men’s dating program reviews to find a different product that may better suit your needs.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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