Learn to control your emotions

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I’ve always had problems controlling my emotions.

When I got stressed out and I saw a co-worker fucking around I went off on him.  I bitched to my bosses when I thought things were unfair.  If a customer was rude or demanding I would get snippy or combative.

If my brother annoyed me I would go off on him.  If I thought a friend was being disrespectful with me I would get in their face and make a scene.

If women were critical of me I would get worked up and defend myself or be critical of them in return.  If a girl gave me last minute resistance I would get visibly flustered or whine like a baby.

In all these situations I let my emotions get the best of me.  Also, in all these situations the outcome was never good.

My co-workers and bosses hated me and made my job a living hell to the point I would quit.  Customers would complain to my manager.   My brother would annoy me more.  I lost friends.  I lost opportunities to get laid.

Sometimes my emotions were justified but many times after looking at the situations from an outside perspective they were not.

I decided the solution was to be more reserved to prevent these issues.  I talked less.  This was not the right solution.

I became invisible at work.  I had problems meeting new friends.  Women became bored with me.

The true solution is that you have to be smarter about what you say and do to eliminate chances for emotional situations.  If you get emotional, you have to control it and not show it.  This is not easy to do.

I have made some progress but I still have some way to go yet.  I have to learn to catch myself and think about what is the most productive and beneficial way for me to handle a situation.

The progress that I have already made has made my job go much smoother.  I pass shit-tests more often.   My family enjoys having me around now.

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