Ryan Clauson releases Listen Act Attract

Ryan Clauson recently sent me an email letting me know he just released a new program called “Listen Act Attract“.

I know…I know. You probably have the same questions I had…

Ryan ClausonWho is Ryan Clauson?

Ryan is a 23 year old college student at Northeastern University in Boston. He figured out how to be successful with women in college after approaching thousands of women.

Listen Act AttractWhat is Listen Act Attract?

L.A.A. is a 6 CD audio program that Ryan created for college students who want to learn to be more successful with women. The program appears to be geared toward beginners.

Ryan has sent me an evaluation copy of the program so I’ll make a full review of it when I get done listening to it.

What I do know at this time is that the program is less than $30 and comes with free bonuses including his Facebook Attraction audio program and a FREE phone consultation with him.

Sounds like a fairly good deal!

Click here to view more details and to order Listen Act Attract now.

UPDATE: Ryan interviewed me as part of his new “The Powerful Man” program. He also interviewed David Wygant, Ross Jeffries, Carlos Xuma, Christian Hudson and 6 more dating experts. You can get all 17 hours of interviews along with his Listen Act Attract program at a super low price by clicking here.