Love Systems Day Game Infield Videos with Soul and Stickler

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I recently got an email from SirSlick asking me if I would post a few videos. He has always been cool so I obliged.

Love Systems has several day game bootcamps coming up that are taught by an instructor called Soul who is from London. SirSlick is helping Soul out with promoting these upcoming programs. It was not made clear to me if an additional ebook/video/audio program about day game is available or in the works.

The two videos SirSlick sent me involve infield footage of day time pickups by Soul and another Love Systems’ instructor by the name of Stickler.

So here’s the videos…

Pickup Artist Soul Picks Up a Girl During the Day

I’ll be honest; the above video really doesn’t do its job in selling me on the program.

The footage is very rudimentary by today’s infield video standards. There is no audio of the actual conversation and instead we get a shitty Foo Fighters song and random subtitles documenting things that may or may not have happened during the pickup and after. I also find the guy standing in front the whole time extremely annoying.

I came to the realization some time ago that I will never be able to prove if any infield footage is real or fake. As a blogger all I can do is access if others can learn anything new from it or at the very least find it entertaining. With this video I would say both answers would be “no”.

How to Approach and Pickup Women During the Day by PUA Stickler

At least in this video they are playing the Steve Miller Band if that is any consolation!

Again, it is hard to access what is going on since there is no audio of the conversation and the video itself is shaky.

I can say that I have a major issue with the fact that Stickler’s face is blurred out yet the face of the girl he opens is left unblurred. If anything, it should be the other way around.

My opinion is that if you don’t want to show your face; don’t post infield videos on YouTube. If a girl’s face is shown; she must sign a waiver granting permission and that should be mentioned in the video. I think these rules are a must to keep the PUA community from looking like creepy and privacy invading voyeuristic cowards.

Now let me make this clear; I’m not saying anything bad about this training program, I’m just saying these videos really are not selling me on the program like I can only imagine they were intended to do.

That being said, I want to invite and encourage Soul, Stickler and/or SirSlick to send me an email, article or new video that will make me and my readers eager to take an upcoming Love Systems day game training program and I will post it.

I think day game has been overlooked and I am glad to see it get the attention it deserves recently with the release of Carlos Xuma’s Real Alpha Day Game program and Soul’s training programs.

If you want to learn from Love Systems I suggest getting one of their cheaper audio interview series packages…

They have one specifically about day game and you can click here to preview the first 10 minutes for free…

Click here to check them out…

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  • Yummy Stale Bread
    August 15th, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    I’m actually getting very sick of this new trend of releasing infield videos with a music track and no real dialogue. I think Mehow set the standard on how infield footage should be shot, and obviously it can be done with a hidden camera and the PUA using a mic like is done with both Mehow and Pickup 101. Seeing the sample footage from Pickup 101 and Mehow for their products made me actually interested in their products, while watching these types of videos like the ones in this post actually turn me off to those companies.

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