Love Systems Instructor 5.0 On The British TV Show “Beat Stevie”

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Here’s a video of 5.0, a Love Systems instructor from London, teaching Mike Skinner AKA ‘The Streets’ and Ted Mayhem how to approach, attract and seduce women on a British show called “Beat Stevie”.

I used to be a fan of Skinner in the early 2000s. He was a popular British hip hop artist with some catchy songs. I have no clue who the hell Ted Mayhem is…

Wait… This dudes name is “5.0″?!

My name may be a bit bizarre but at least I didn’t name myself after the engine capacity of an old V8 Ford Mustang…

…word to your mother!

Regardless, I thought 5.0 kicked some ass in this video. He seems to know his shit, get good results and knows how to instruct students effectively…

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