Love Systems Nick Savoy Interview

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Love Systems SavoyHere’s a quick interview with Savoy of Love Systems with some of his reactions and behind the scenes dirt regarding his recent appearance on the Australian TV show “Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure“.

Make sure you check out the video before you read the following interview…

Hopefully I’ll have a more extensive audio interview with him in the near future…
I like how you immediately told Lawrence to burn the love letters he wrote for the girl he “had a thing for”. What else do you see men do that is premature based on their current relationship?
Way too much.

Most women are comfortable in the dynamic that, once they’re into a guy,
they want the relationship to progress slightly faster and slightly deeper
than him. The opposite can feel weird or uncomfortable for her.

The guy can do the initial pushing to get her interested. But once she’s
interested, he should let her do the pushing. E.g.:

* A guy should never be the first to say I love you. I’m a big fan of “I
like you”. I’m an especially big fan of dating French girls because like
and love are the same word in French so you can keep ambiguity going for a
long time.

* Men should almost never be the first to talk about “us” or “where this is

* He shouldn’t send flowers or buy gifts unless something special is going
on or a relationship has been solidly established.

* He shouldn’t do stuff that implies that the relationship is really serious
until it is. Meeting all your friends, your family, etc.

A lot of guys understand that, but it’s also easy to give off the same vibe
by accident. If you ask too many questions about a male friend she has, you
may be just curious but she may think you’re jealous, possessive, and
clingy. To you, it may not be a big deal or mean anything if you invite a
girl to come up to wine country for the weekend with you, your buddy, and
your buddy’s girlfriend. But to her that may set off alarms that you think
you’re in Couples-Land.

High-value guys don’t tend to be clingy, possessive, or needy early on. So
if you seem to be, she’ll question whether you as high-value as she thought.

[For more relationship advice check out Savoy's relationship management page...]

Lawrence Leung

Will you critique what Lawrence did right and what he did wrong with
his “Rubik’s Cube opener”?

What I was trying to do here was what we do at every Love Systems bootcamp.
I was trying to help him develop polished routines that were both original
and effective, and reflected the “best” (real) stuff about him to attract
beautiful women to him.
But Lawrence wasn’t giving me much. He wouldn’t use being Australian or
having a TV show. It was always back to the damn Rubik’s cube.
Fine. If he’s passionate about it, it can work as an opener. Passion is
more important than facts. I remember, on a bet at a Love Systems bootcamp,
I picked up a girl talking about nothing other than Battlestar Galactica
until we left the club.
Alright, so…the approach:
* The most important thing about the approach is that he did it. I told him
to talk to that girl (who was with that guy) when he was incredulous (or
acting incredulous) that you can approach girls who have guys with them. So
he got up and walked in. No hesitations, lurking, or creepiness. That’s
most of the battle right there.
* He whipped the cube out. That’s good, it gives her something real to play
with. I just wish he’d had a throwaway line or phrase to explain it or at
least acknowledge that a Rubik’s Cube isn’t normally at a bar. You don’t
want to be “that guy” who brings a deck of cards to do tricks at the club.
(By the way, learn one card trick, even if it’s a joke. If you ever see
“that guy” doing tricks with a deck he brought from home, waltz over, use
his deck to do one trick, then leave. The girls will find you later. So
far this has never failed.)
So with Lawrence, I wish he’d thrown in a line about “I take this with me
everywhere. I’m going to beat the world record” or “usually I only do this
for free drinks”. Anything to distract her from it being a gimmick.
* He said he was passionate about the cube (which fit with him having one
with him). Don’t say what you can show.
* He was too quick to solve the cube for her. He should have made her work
for it a bit, teased her, and get her emotions engaged. Then he could
pretend to forget how to do it or ask for her help when he’s obviously only
one turn away or something.
* His deadpan delivery was great. It fit with his presence (and having a
Rubik’s cube). You could feel her wondering whether he was an amusing nerd
or whether he was messing with her.
All in all, the opener worked. The only purpose of an opener is get to the
Transition (the second of the six stages of the Emotional Progression Model),
just like the only purpose of the Transition is to get to Attraction (the third stage).
So will we see a revised version of the Rubik’s Cube routine in the
next volume of your Routines Manual? :)

It would be pretty funny if we listed a routine as “The Cube” and then it
went: OK, go pull our your Rubik’s Cube and solve it. Once you’ve done
Anyway, Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2 has already been
finalized for some last minute design touches.
But Volume 2 DOES have a few reader-submitted routines. The ones we chose
are really good for the most part. It was great to see, because it’s
obvious that a lot of guys went ant got Volume 1, learned how routines work,
and are now making killer routines of their own.
[UPDATE: Get Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2 NOW by clicking here...]
Savoy and Lawrence Leung


Lawrence did a good job handling the guy who was hanging around the
girl at the end including having the guy define his relationship with
the girl. Did you teach him how to do that or did he come up with
that on his own?

That was all him. We were pretty focused on the fundamentals of
approaching, transitioning, and attraction.
(You’d be surprised how long that takes when the guy you’re teaching is
pretending to misunderstand everything you’re saying. The premise of the
show is that he’s clueless, so it all fit and was kind of funny - like when
he deliberately sabotaged his first approach - but we definitely didn’t go
beyond the basics).
While we’re on the subject, Lawrence got the big picture right of
acknowledging the guy and figuring out the situation. If I’d been training
him after that, I would have told him to ask how they knew each other
instead of whether they are dating. And I’d definitely tell him to ask the
girl, not the guy. I always tell random guys “she’s my girlfriend” even if
she isn’t, and they always go away.
What happened after the end of the video?
We sat down to start to film the debrief and then got kicked out of the club
a couple minutes later. Some girl who was having a birthday party there was
complaining that she had “A-List Celebs” coming, and that they would leave
if they saw two guys talking to each other on a camera on one of the
balconies. (The cameras weren’t obvious during the approaches)
I have to say, I didn’t actually see any celebs inside..or really much of
anyone. But maybe that ratty Sunset Strip balcony all of a sudden became
the hotspot for the glitterati last summer and no one noticed.
Or maybe she was a bitch.
So if I wanted to learn more techniques and advice from your
company how could I do so?

We’re very open about what we teach and how we teach it. We don’t pretend
we have a magical secret formula, because magic secret formulas don’t exist.
I called my book Magic Bullets because I wanted to make fun of everyone who
said stuff like: “here’s the one thing you need to do, the ONLY thing you
need, and it will get any girl in bed. But I only have 50 copies even
though it’s an e-book so you better get it now or you’ll die a virgin”.
There are no magic bullets. There are some strategies that help a lot, and
whole bunch of little things you can do that add up, and before you know it,
you’re attracting beautiful women.
So to answer your question, download Magic Bullets ebook free chapters.
They give you a sense of what Love Systems is all about. If you like what you
read, get the book and start practicing. If you want to get really good
really quickly, take a bootcamp. Results are guaranteed.
If you’re more interested in getting really detailed information on one
subject - from Approaching to Threesomes, from Advanced Winging to Frame
Control, really anything under the sun - then head over to our interview catalogue.
The first ten minutes of every interview are free so you can see if it’s what you need
before you download it.
There you go, I want to thank Savoy for his time…
Check out my next post where I reveal the next TV show Savoy will be on…
This one is going to be a real doozy…
I will say it is a popular US talk show and I have a real bone to pick with the host…
…and I would also like to GIVE the host THE BONE too…
In the mean time check out their site

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