Love Systems release the Routines Manual

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Love Systems Routines ManualIf you were intrigued by what Savoy and The Don of Love Systems/The Mystery Method had to say on the Dr. Phil Show episode, their recently released Routines Manual is probably the best product to get to learn more.

The book appears to answer the questions many have about routines including:

What is a routine?
Which routine should I use and when?
How do I generate attraction and escalate using routines?
How can routines help to build comfort and trust?
How do I create routines which are original and congruent to my personality?

The Routines Manual is over 200 pages of routines and material from Savoy, The Don, Sinn, Brad P., Fader, Mr. M, Sheriff, Braddock, Captain Jack, IN10SE, Badboy and Tyler Durden PUA.

It’s good to see a routine-based game product released amongst the flood of recent natural game products. My only gripe prior to reading it is that it seems to be a bit pricey. On the flip side, maybe the cost will keep these routines and material from being overexposed.

Click here to learn more check out the Routines Manual site.

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