Love Systems Savoy on Australian TV Show Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure

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Last week Savoy of Love Systems appeared on an Australian comedy show called Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure Show…

To quickly clue you in, Lawrence is a popular Australian comedian who reminisces about his childhood obsessions like 80s movies, 80s toys and breakdancing. The title “Choose Your Own Adventure” was actually a line of popular kids books from the 80s… if you’re under 25 you probably won’t get his schtick.

This show is about him going back to do the things he never got around to doing when he was kid. In this first episode he wants to hook up with the girl he had a crush on back in 3rd grade so he flies to LA and has Savoy and Ross Jeffries give him some tips…

…I guess Ross REALLY creeped the guy out but I haven’t seen that part yet…

Anyway, I thought the video below is pretty cool and it includes “The Cube” routine… and by Cube I mean Rubik’s Cube… (wonder if that one will show up in their new Love Systems Routines Manual Vol. 2?)

I’m gonna try to hit up Savoy for some behind the scenes dirt…

If you want to learn the techniques that Savoy was teaching in this video, check out his Magic Bullets ebook

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