How To Lie To A Girl And When You Should Not Lie To Get Laid

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NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams recently got caught lying about being in a helicopter in Iraq that got hit by a missile.

Let this be a lesson to you, don’t lie about things that can be verified!

In this case, a soldier who was in the helicopter that WAS hit by the missile said Brian Williams was no place in site.

Brian Williams NBC LyingBrian Williams is a charismatic individual who many find trustworthy. That might all become meaningless because of a lie he told that he really didn’t have much to gain from.

So don’t lie to women. Most lies men make don’t benefit them any ways. They just come back and haunt them later on.

I used to lie about my age to women. I’d shave some years off my true age to seem closer in age to her. After getting caught lying about my age and having it blow up in my face, I decided to tell the truth. Ironically, younger women seemed to be MORE attracted when I confessed my true older age!

I’ve heard a lot of claims by dating instructors that make me think they are lying. I remember one pickup artist guru who bragged about having a spreadsheet with 333 names of girls he slept with. Is he lying? Maybe, maybe not. 333 girls really isn’t that much if you’ve been single most of your life and you’re in your late 20s or older. The problem is that such a statement is UNVERIFIABLE. The fact it can’t be verified easily by an outside party makes it prime to lie about.

I’ve also seen pickup instructors brag about sleeping with actresses, models and Playboy Playmates. They never list names. They often claim it’s because they don’t want to get the reputation of “fucking and telling”. Maybe they are telling the truth. But it’s hard not to be skeptical when they boast about something and refuse to give you adequate information to verify it. Tell me that you fucked Kate Upton and I’ll be more likely to believe you.

In summary, don’t paint yourself in the corner with lies. If a girl asks you a question where the true answer makes you look bad, don’t answer it! Avoid it or change the subject. If pressed, give her a “general” answer.

Try not to lie. If you’re somehow FORCED to lie, give her as little rope as possible to later hang you with. For example, try changing the subject if she asks you how many women you’ve slept with. If she pushes, give a joking reply. If she pushes harder, tell her you have been tested and don’t have any diseases and the number doesn’t matter. If she says she won’t sleep with you until you give her the number, give her a vague number. Never give her an ABSOLUTE number, like “57″.

99% of the time the man is more physically dominant than the woman. For her to be intimate with you, she needs to be able to trust you. If she catches you lying, that trust flies right out the window.

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* Image Credit: “Brian Williams 2011 Shankbone” by David Shankbone, Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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