Magnetic Messaging Review - READ BEFORE BUYING!

Magnetic Messaging PDF is a new seduction program by dating coach Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

This book focuses on giving guys special text messages to send girls that will supposedly “get them laid”…

So does the Magnetic Messaging ebook work? Is it a SCAM? Or is it worth a buy and download?

I’ll answer those question’s and more in my NO BULLSHIT

Magnetic Messaging Review


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Program Topic: Text Messaging Advice related to Dating
Target Demographic: 18-44 Year Old Males
Author(s): Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
What’s Included: 4 PDF Ebooks & 8 Videos
Cost: Click to see lowest offered price with optional “The Magnetic Mastermind Kit” membership at $39.97 per month for five months

Magnetic Messaging reviewLet me be honest, when I first heard about Magnetic Messaging… I thought, “oh great, ANOTHER text messaging program for guys”…

Texting programs seem to be a dime a dozen now a days. Every “dating expert” has one and they ALL promise to give you simple cut & paste texts that will magically get you laid.

Magnetic Messaging claims to do so by using 3 text messages sent in order. They call this “The Key Lock Sequence”.

The general concept is that most guys send boring texts. They are incredibly transparent. They come off as desperate and needy. Supposedly The Key Lock Sequence fixes this by putting the girl on an “emotional” and sexual roller coaster.

In theory, this sounds great. Obviously, texts like “hey” and “how’s ur day going” are lame and value-leeching. It would make sense to create a series of texts that play out like a chick flick or romance novel.

So does Magnetic Messaging REALLY work? Is The Key Lock Sequence effective?

Let’s dive in deeper with my Magnetic Messaging review…

The ebook starts off with the basics…

It’s a bit slow initially because it covers the texting “essentials”… like when to text her, using “pet names”, and other staples. This will all be new to you if you’ve never purchased a texting advice program before. I’m a seasoned vet, so this was all old-hat. I will say that Rob & Bobby do a good job of explaining it all clearly.

It progressively bumps up to more elaborate stuff. They cover a lot of advanced issues that I hear guys having. They explain how to handle unreturned texts, recover from bad texts, be humorous, and be sexual.

I found The Key Lock Sequence to be very interesting and effective. The first text involves sending a “vague seeder” text to get her intrigued. The second text creates a “future projection” of you two doing something together. In the final text, you drop sexual overtones that transitions to an in-person meet-up. I’d like to go into more detail, but I also don’t want to get sued. So click here for more details on these 3 texts.

I’ve seen other dating experts suggest similar text sequences. I’ve used it and it IS INDEED powerful and effective. In fact, attention-seeking whores on Facebook often use something similar to The Key Lock Sequence Text #1 in order to get tons of attention and comments to their status updates.

Watch the video about it by clicking here…

The bonuses are rather hit or miss. Some are just brief reports. Others are videos of presentations given by Rob Judge. They’re a nice added bonus, just don’t expect entire complete programs & you won’t be disappointed.

Oddly, some of the best bonuses are only available by purchasing it through this link. Magnetic Messaging costs the same using that link, but you get 5 extra unannounced bonuses including “3 Keys to Getting Laid Tonight”, “Attraction Magnets”, “From Ex To Next”, “Rejection Proof” and “The Rockstar Speech”.

It claims that these 5 extra bonuses are worth $215. I do think that number is inflated, but if you already intend to buy the program… you might as well get the additional free bonuses.


What I Like About Magnetic Messaging…


1.) the price is reasonable

2.) lots of material (pdfs & videos) & free bonuses

3.) well written and easy to follow


What I DON’T Like About Magnetic Messaging…


1.) some of the advice is very similar to previous texting programs

2.) some of the bonuses are brief or meandering

3.) optional “The Magnetic Mastermind Kit” continuity costs almost as much as the original program per month

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* Magnetic Messaging Sales Video
* (DISCOUNT) Magnetic Messaging Bonus Package Deal


>>> Magnetic Messaging Review CONCLUSION <<<


The Magnetic Messaging PDF is a good introductory ebook for developing texting game…

It gives you a solid game plan on what to send and when. It even works its way up to some advanced, layered texting techniques.

It’s well laid out and the writing style is easy to understand and fun to read…

If I was you, I’d get a copy and check it out.

You might want to uncheck the box next to the “The Magnetic Mastermind Kit” at checkout… otherwise you’ll be charged for it in a month…

Otherwise, you can keep it checked and try it out… it really does a good job of providing even more advanced texting & dating tips… just remember to cancel your membership if you don’t like it…

So go get your copy now if you want…

Hope this Magnetic Messaging review helps you make a better educated decision on if the Magnetic Messaging ebook is worth getting for you…

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It’s casual,

Mack “NO BULLSHIT” Tight

P.S. - Here’s the links again if you are interested - watch the free video or buy it right away at the lowest offered price with 5 extra bonuses here

Magnetic Messaging review