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Here’s an article by Mark Redman that explains his new principle that makes college guys more attractive to women…

Hey bro,

Hope your Wednesday is kickin’ ass.

Let’s talk today about something extremely important, I call it the “make shit happen” principle.

9 out of 10 guys (and girls) in college are waiting around for someone to make shit happen.

They’ve all got this idea in their head of what college is supposed to look like, how fun it’s supposed to be, but they just sort of sit back and wait for someone to step up and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

Your mission then, should you choose to accept, is to be the guy who steps up and MAKES SHIT HAPPEN.

What is making shit happen?

It’s creating a kickass experience for everyone in your surroundings.

And you do it by simply stepping up and taking it upon yourself to live life to the max and not sit around waiting for anyone else to hand it to you.

Because that’s what everyone else is doing. And when you take the “common” approach to this, there are only 2 things that happen

1.) No one steps up and another night, day or week is “lost”

2.) The guy who DOES step up creates the fun reality you are looking for but HE gets the girls that YOU want

Neither of these are outcomes you want. So you’ve got to be the guy that steps up.

And it’s easy. It’s simple.

All you’ve got to do is make the conscious decision to step up and grab life by it’s horns.

Make plans. Make moves. Make decisions.

Assume the mindset that you are in control. That you call that shots. That you know where you are going.

And everything starts to come together for you, you’ll find that your life takes on a new quality, you’ll notice the girls start to check you out, and all of the guys around you will show you respect.

So starting today - starting RIGHT NOW - I want you to promise yourself (and me) that you are going to start making shit happen.

You’re going to take bold, decisive action and get done what NEEDS to be gotten done and you’re going to get what you want.

You are now the leader, everyone else the follower. And that’s cool with you.

But no one else will do it for you. YOU have got to be the one that makes it all happen.

Keep on Rockin’

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