Make Women Laugh by Martin Merrill

Martin Merrill is a dating coach and author of the popular book “Make Women Laugh - How To Make Any Woman Laugh At Any Time And Any Place Till They Fall In Love With You”.

Here’s a brief article by Martin on the “science” of making woman laugh…

You should know that humor is important for dating and laughter can swiftly open up a woman’s heart. Whenever your interaction with a woman is a bit flat or if you happen to be in a difficult or embarrassing situation, you can always use humor to boost the dynamics or diffuse the tension.

And humor is a common trait of men who are good with women. It demonstrates confidence, a light outlook on life and the ability to have fun (together with others).

Unfortunately, not every man can be said to be humorous.

Sure, almost any man can crack a joke or two, but not every man can do it with consistency and make any woman laugh at any time, any place? Even worse, there’s a common misconception claiming that humor is quality for a small group of “gifted” man. Some men think “I’m just not born to be funny guy. What can I possibly do?”

But the fact is, the “sense” of humor CAN be acquired through learning and practicing. Making women laugh is a science, because human beings’ reactions to different types of “humor stimuli” are predictable, and there are tested-and-proven methods to match a piece of humor with a subject’s education, personality, and cultural background to induce laughter.

Any man — regardless of looks, intelligence, wealth, education, personality, cultural background, location, etc. — can unleash his power of humor to make women laugh and fall in love. And it doesn’t matter if you already have a good sense of humor, or if you frequently get “caught off guard” when certain dating situations demand funny and smart responses.

So here’s the good news: I have specifically designed a course to train men how to be more humorous in dating. If you would like to be empowered with the ability to make any woman laugh at any time and any place, then you’ve got to check out this course. You can find out more by clicking here…