Male versus Female Humor

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This is part 2 of a 3-part post, please start with part 1: Women Love Napoleon Dynamite

So I didn’t understand why women thought Napoleon Dynamite was hilarious so I searched for the differences between male and female humor and found some very interesting things.

Here’s an excerpt from an article called “Humour In Romance Writing“:

…Male humour is a little more aggressive, often aimed at people more vulnerable than themselves, or towards targets they’d like to see ‘fail’. Slapstick can fall into this category, something both men and women do enjoy. But, as popular author Jennifer Crusie states on her website:

“Most women don’t like aggressive humour that attacks people who are minding their own business or who are weaker or vulnerable. Most women DO like humour that attacks people who have attacked women, so use defensive humour that attacks up…

“Women also like humour that points out the absurdities in the general prevailing patriarchal view of reality.

“Because most women are interested in and rely on relationships, we like community-based humour best… when two or more people form a tight bond and share opinions and senses of humour so that events that are not particularly funny to people outside the community become hysterical to those inside the community (which includes the reader…)”

Jennifer Archer adds: “I think women are most amused by situations they relate to…

That pretty much sums it all up for me.

*** Napoleon Dynamite Spoilers Warning ***

Women love Napoleon Dynamite because the weak and vulnerable triumph.

Pedro becomes president and Kip marries his hot internet babe.

On the other hand the characters who mirror people who were probably mean and manipulative to them in real life got trumped in the end.

The popular bitchy girl and her alpha male jock boyfriend lost out in the end. The slimy and manipulative Uncle Rico who preys on women’s insecurities to sell herbal breast enhancement products gets his ass kicked by the Tae-kwon-do teacher.

*** End of Napoleon Dynamite Spoilers Warning ***

So I guess women love seeing the underdog come up on top.

Isn’t that the base of most chick flicks? The two-timing, cheating guy gets screwed over while the weaker, vulnerable guy gets the girl and triumphs.

Now on the other hand, on the Family Guy they continuously shit on the daughter Meg because she is low value in regards to the family.

Men love this because it is attacking the weak and vulnerable.

It all makes sense to me and I’m going to take this all into consideration when I try to be cocky and funny with women.

I have no problem with chick flicks as an industry. If women find them entertaining and amusing and the movie industry wants to sell tickets and DVDs to them, they need to accommodate their audience…

But my problem is that these chick flicks create a problem for any vulnerable guy who watches them.

In part 3 I will describe the problem with chick flicks…

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