Matchbook Method

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I recently found out about a Myspace/Facebook pickup product called the “Matchbook Method” by Action Jackson (AKA AJ)…

The Matchbook Method leverages the fact that 1 in 4 women use social networking. In addition the women skew toward the younger demographic and it’s free to use. On the other hand, online dating site are expensive, the women are typically older and the overall quantity and quality are not going to be as high as with Myspace or Facebook.

Matchbook MethodThe program teaches guys how to quickly contact women on Myspace and Facebook using cut-and-paste template openers that he gives you. The response rates are at 33% and the majority of them are positive.

Click here to view a video of AJ showing first hand how the system works…

After that, AJ teaches you how to “hook” the women with your follow-up replies.

And don’t worry…

…he also shows you how to set up your profile to attract women including what pictures to use and what songs to have play to create attraction.

He’s also running a 40% Off Spring Sale right now on the Matchbook Method Ignition Pack, so now’s a great time to get your copy…

Click here to check it out

While you are there make sure to sign up to get his “The 5 Deadliest Myspace Sins” report free…

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  • The G Manifesto
    April 7th, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    I don’t doubt that this works.

    I stay old-school though.

    Swooping girls in Clubs, the street, the beach etc.

    - MPM

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