Mehow Answers the Direct vs. Indirect Game Question

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mehow-pua.jpgEveryone has their own opinion about the Direct vs. Indirect game debate, just like with natural vs. method/routine game.

I admit that I never really understood the difference between the two until a few months back so I’m going to let a more seasoned vet in the area describe the differences and give his opinion.

Mehow is one of the most respected gurus in the community and his Get the Girl! Manual and Infield Exposed program have been highly successful.

He shares his views below:

The terms ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ are not sufficient to describe how one opens.

For example, typically ‘indirect’ game uses indirect body language (opening sideways for example) and an opinion opener (’Do you brush before or after you floss’, to quote a canonical example used by Neil Strauss in The Game).

Whereas “direct” game uses direct body language (go straight in), and direct verbals such as ‘Hey!’ or Asian Playboy’s ‘You are absolutely f*cking adorable’.

Now, my Get the Girl!(TM) game is ‘direct’ in this sense.

But nothing prevents you from using direct body language with an opinion opener.

So really you have 4 different possibilities of opening styles:

1. ‘Pure Direct’ - direct body language with direct verbals (canonical Get the Girl! Method)

2. ‘Pure Indirect’ - indirect body language with an opinion opener (canonical Mystery Method)

3. ‘Direct Opinions’ - direct body language with an opinion opener

4. ‘Indirect Direct’ - indirect body language with direct verbals

The last one, #4, is rarely used because of the obvious problems it presents. Sure, some guys can pull it off, but it’s not anything I would actually recommend to anybody as consistent game in anything but the rarest of circumstances.

To decide which opener is best for you have to understand the differences between them.

We’re only going to talk about the first 3 possibilities.

Indirect body language communicates disinterest, but robs you of the ‘I’m an alpha guy’ sub-communications that a ‘direct’ walk up gets you.

So, if you are in a venue where you don’t need to communicate disinterest go for the direct body language because it builds attraction faster.

(Advanced note: an example of a venue where you need to sub-communicate disinterest would include some, but not all places where you are 40 and the girls are in their 20’s.)

The only difference between direct (’Hey!’), and indirect (’opinion opener’) verbals is how fast you get to be able to give value to the group. In direct verbal opening game you skip the neutral conversation of the opinion opener, and immediately hook the set which is a considerable advantage in terms of % of sets hooked.

Try it out - go out one weekend with opinion openers (’indirect’ or ‘direct body’ language).

Then the next weekend, use the Get the Girl! style direct verbals (direct body language only) and see the difference in reaching the social hook point (when the group wants you to stay, instead of leave).

Other than ALL THAT it’s the same - within two minutes into the set you usually can’t tell whether the set got started with combinations 1,2, or 3.

So, here’s the bottom line:

The reason I prefer direct body language and direct verbal game versus anything else is this - it lets me sub-communicate more Alphaness and get to the attraction stuff quicker in most social situations… thus increasing my social hook point percentage.

There is a 3rd dimension to opening styles - that is - are you talking to the group or just the target.

In the examples above, were talking to the group, but in Asian Playboy’s game he actually uses a direct body language and direct verbals to the target ONLY. Going straight to the target pretty much means you have to use direct body language and direct verbals (think about that one!)

That said, there is a 4TH DIMENSION!!!!

That is the dimension of, on the opener, are you trying to attract just one girl (the proverbial ‘target’) or ALL OF THE GIRLS.

This last 4th dimension in uncharted territory for the community because we have all been living in a box that doesn’t exist.

You don’t need a target AT ALL to sarge.

The notion of a target is completely, and totally unnecessary… not to mention MASSIVLEY LIMITING, once the training wheels come off your game.

For example, being able to attract all the girls in a set let’s you go for a threesome, or more typically, pick the girl you like the most out of the group (skipping the married and cheating aggressive MILFs for example).

Check out the Get the Girl! Manual for more information or check out the Infield Exposed DVD set for video examples of these concepts being put to use infield.

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  • Aries
    May 26th, 2008 at 3:57 am

    i used to be a DJ for weddings and i noticed i controlled the frame best when i was myself. So in that sense natural game worked for me. but sometimes i needed an extra edge to make the bride happy (notice how i didn’t say groom lol) so i would use stacked material to keep the audience entertained. my advice just practice has much as possible. I noticed my stacked material was a lot harder on hired guns than i thought it would be (physical and social barriers ect…) but i noticed if i went in with a non needy fun attitudewithout wanting to “get” something that my success rate would go up . find out for yourself and enjoy the game

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