Mehow Attacks the Natural Game Gurus

After a year of natural game gurus attacking routine based game with little to no retaliation; a routine game guru FINALLY has defended himself and returned volley!

Here’s a video of Mehow from his new Get the Girl! Unleashed program defending his “stacking of routines” method of pick up:

First things first, the reason why natural game gurus are talking shit about routine game is because routine game is ON TOP. It is no different than the company behind Nutra-Sweet spreading that Saccharin causes cancer back in the 80s. It is no different than Pepsi trying to make Coke look “unhip”.

The NUMBER ONE reason they are doing it is because it is in THEIR financial best interest. You must understand that. I’m not necessarily casting stones; I’m probably guilty myself just as everyone is.

Back in January I was about to fall for the natural game hype and even wrote the first of a two part series about the rise and fall of the The Mystery Method and routine game. I never wrote the second part after I cleared my mind of the “hype” and thoroughly thought it out on my own.

Now as far as this video goes, I understand what Mehow is getting at but I have to admit that his choice of examples and similes are piss poor.

I think a better example of an opener by a student who is told to “just be yourself” would be to go up to a girl and ask her name, what her job is, where she is from, etc. This is how I opened women before I knew about the seduction community.

It just didn’t work. My friends who were “naturals” opened women with odd ball stuff and by using situational openers. I tried it and unfortunately my situational opener was bad. This discouraged me from using them again and I fell back to my use of “state your name, occupation and hometown please”.

What I learned was that opening and interacting with women is a “test”. It is a test where it is perfectly acceptable to cheat on it with the right answers someone else came up with as long as the girl doesn’t pick up that you’re cheating.

The best thing is that if she picks up that you are “cheating” you can just go to the next girl and tweak your prior delivery without worrying about any real long term repercussions.

Do you understand what I’m getting at?

Routine game lets you cheat when you start out by giving you material that is proven to work by someone who knows what they are doing and who has tested it out. You can try out your own spontaneous natural game but what is the sense of reinventing the wheel?

Let me use another example…

Everyone knows Justin Timberlake. Before his solo career and before N Sync he was on Star Search in 1991.

Here’s the video:

Notice, Justin isn’t singing “Cry Me A River” or “Bye Bye Bye”. He is singing “Love’s Got a Hold on You” by Alan Jackson.

The same goes for Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood on American Idol.

They all started out by singing other people’s songs. How is that any different than a beginner in the community using other people’s routines and openers?

I’m also sure most stand up comedians started out by telling jokes they heard. Later they started writing their own stand up routines when they understood their audience better.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT, Justin Timberlake and Jay Leno have “writers” who write songs and jokes for them even today. It is because their writers can write material that is more effective toward their audience than what they can write themselves.

Eventually you will understand it enough where you will come up with your own “natural” material that works for you. But whether you come up with it or someone else did it is STILL MATERIAL.

Most naturals probably fall back on a set of proven routines such as busting on some guy in the bar who looks unconfident or commenting on something a girl is wearing.

So how can routine game be called CREEPY and ROBOTIC by natural game gurus when natural game is primarily the same if you look under the hood?

Most of the routines that these gurus stack are used because they get a certain result quickly. Whether it is to raise your value, initiate kino or test for compliance. It is similar to a doctor testing your blood pressure, checking your weight and making you “cough” to see if you are healthy. Sure, the doctor could make you run a military obstacle course but is that practical and timely?

I do not currently go out and do the “tattoo opener” followed by the “San Francisco handshake” and then bust off the “best friends test”. BUT I do understand the reason behind each of them and I incorporate that reasoning into the game I use today to get the SAME RESULTS.

From a student perspective, one gives you proven examples to start out with and to use until you learn enough to be able to develop your own material. The other feeds you many of the same concepts and theories but throws you to the wolves to come up with your own material.

Agree? Disagree??

In Summary:

Don’t create a blind following for any one guru or method. Take the parts you think are the best from each and create your own “Frankenstein” method. That is what I have done.


I think Mehow’s Get the Girl! Manual is a great product to start out with for someone who is trying to learn a little bit about everything. He takes the best from the Mystery Method and incorporates his own techniques and even some natural game concepts.

You can witness for yourself Mehow’s ability to successfully interact with women by watching his Infield Exposed program. You will be able to see his teachings be put to use infield and hear him explain what he is doing comprehensibly and thoroughly.