Mehow Group Attraction Manifesto

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Mehow Group Attraction ManifestoIf you have not heard about Mehow’s Group Attraction Manifesto, then here’s the scoop.

It includes a 400 page printed 2-volume book, 10 CDs and 6 DVDs. That is a lot of material!

Mehow’s Group Attraction Manifesto reveals:

- Revolutionary methods that shatter the “old school” rules of attraction, including “targets” And “negs”… allowing you to seamlessly attract multiple women at once… and then choose the “target”.

- How to generate massive amount of jealousy almost automatically – creating huge opportunities

- The key to using kino – so women love you before they even know your name

- Over 20 PureKino routines, including revised versions of the classics and load of totally new and incredible routines… just one can get you the woman of your dreams

- A revolutionary training system, complete with homework exercises, infield and at home drills, and for the first time ever… video based at home drills!

Click the image below to see a sample video from the Mehow’s Group Attraction Manifesto:

group attraction

You can see 8 more free sample videos by clicking here…

Click here to view sample videos from Mehow Group Attraction Manifesto or to order it!

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