Mehow Infield Exposed video part 1

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When I first heard about Mehow the pick-up artist all I could do was groan.

Not another pick-up artist with the word “cat” or something cat related for their pick-up name!

Once I watched his videos though I was impressed. He is quite animated and passionate about pick-up.

I once wrote about if a nerd started studying pick-up rather than role-playing games they would be deadly. I get the impression that Mehow is that person.

If you can find out more about infield DVD program by going to Mehow’s Infield Exposed.

You can also check out his ebook by going to Mehow’s Get the Girl.

I hate to be unoriginal but I think “abso-fucking-lutely” is going to be a new word that I’m going to add to my vocabulary.

Click here to see part two which is even better.

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