Mehow on how to deal with being caught as a pickup artist

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mehow-pua.jpgEarlier today I discussed my experiences and conclusions about women calling you out about being a pickup artist. I didn’t go into greater detail because I think Mehow has covered it quite thoroughly already.

He explains the situations that he has been in and how he has dealt with them in the following story.


Since the VH1 show, I’ve been noticing more girls “picking up” that me and students are pickup artists. What is hilarious is that this just makes for easier attraction. At our first infield venue, there were loads and loads of couples. I sent in one of the students to a couple set. The girl was all smiling and happy. The student ran out of stuff to say and ejected, but before he ejected, he blew the guy out pretty decisively and had the girl all up on him. The second he ejected the girl started giving her guy shit tons of kino to make him feel better about the whole experience. Since buying temperature is transferable, I’m sure they had hot sex that night. But before any of that, she grabbed her boyfriend and sauntered into a group of me and 4 students or so as we were breaking down her set …

HB: “Aren’t you on the pickup artist!”
Me: “Lady …. I have NOOOOO idea what you are talking about!” (over the top denial)
HB: “No … but I totally SAW you on that show!”
Me: “This girl …. Is totally WHACKY!… bro!” (sideways hug kino while addressing her boyfriend in front of students)
HB: “No, for REAL … you were ON that show!”
Me: “I can’t stand her … years in therapy and we’re still on the same ISSUE!” (more hug kino)
HB: “C’mon … ” (reverse kino from her – she is capitulating the frame battle to me here and I give her one more tease for good measure and then calibrate back the other way with verbal and kino rewards then bust into qualification …)
Me: “Bro … you found one from the LOONEY bin!” (I’m pretty much holding her sideways now without letting go right in front of the BF).
Me: “ok … ok … ok … we can be real together (I turn her to face me and more hugging happens) … what is your special secret superpower?” (I’m stacking forward into qualification/comfort)

Now she is really into me.

Note that all the attraction above was just passing 3.5 shit tests in a row combined with simultaneous kino escalation when I’m giving her verbal value via passing the shit tests. Just like I talk about in the Get the Girl! book, all you have to do to pass a shit test is explicitly positively subcommunicate and then snip and stack.

When you do that you should almost always kino escalate. The sideways hug is great for this. As per Microloop Theory, when you pass a shit test you are giving her value, so you can simultaneously escalate.

This results in hilarious shit happening – like getting a girl that trying to catch you for “being a pick up artist,” and, instead, her ending up being totally attracted in 25 seconds flat.

After that demo, the student’s got, for real, that being ‘caught’ doesn’t matter as long as you keep passing shit tests!


You can watch a video of Mehow dealing with a girl accusing him of being a pickup artist by clicking here.

You can also learn more about Mehow, his theories and his Get the Girl book and Infield Exposed DVD program by clicking here.

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  • Stefan
    February 8th, 2008 at 1:19 am

    Man, one of the first things I tell a girl is that I’m a coach. I despise the term “pick up artist,” as I have a more honest and genuine philosophy which I’m able to share with women.

    It definitely works for me.

  • Mack Tight
    February 8th, 2008 at 1:49 am

    I’m not a fan of the term “pick up artist” either (I briefly refer to that point in this post). I find the term rather pompous but it is so widely used now that I use it on this blog for reference frequently.

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