Mehow’s Ass Slap Routine from the PUA Summit

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SirSlick recently posted some videos he took at the PUA Summit (get your tickets for the 2009 PUA Summit for $149) at his YouTube account.

Here’s a short video of Mehow demonstrating his ass slap routine:

This seems like a fun high energy routine. I can tell you from experience that getting a girl to slap your hand as you instructed her to is a simple yet powerful kino compliance test.

As far as ass slapping goes, I used to think slapping a girls ass would get you killed when I was an AFC. I now realize if you are in good with a girl and if it is well calibrated it is usually just flirting and perfectly acceptable.

To slap a girls ass in front of others and have her smile or hug you afterwards is huge social proof. It also makes sense that having a hot girl slap your ass would be a form of social proof too.

It is amazing how things that were taboo when you were an AFC become perfectly natural once you understand how to properly interact with women.

To see Mehow perform his routines infield, check out his Infield Exposed program which also comes with his Get the Girl Manual which thoroughly exposes and explains all of his great theories and routines.

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