Mehow’s creepy NLP-laced Group Attraction promotional page

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If there is one thing that annoys me about the seduction community it is all the guru “marketing” talk.

Dopey adjectives like “earth shattering”, “mind-blowing” and “brain hemorrhaging” seem to pop up like rabbits in their product pages and newsletters.

I guess it is supposed to get you to buy but instead it makes me want to puke!

I often promote Mehow and I’m a fan of him in general, but this promotional page for Mehow’s Group Attraction Manifesto takes the cake!

Here’s a sample of it:

Just imagine this…

In just a few short days from now… you’ll rush out to the mailbox.

And sitting there will be a large box, it is discreet… but you know what it is.

As you hustle your way back home, you notice this box weighs more than you would have predicted.

You begin to feel the anticipation building inside… you can already see yourself getting amazing results with women who are more attractive than all the women in your past… almost more astonishing… these women are REALLY into you… you can’t explain it – their almost mesmerized by you – the real you.

With this package in your hands, it feels like your birthday… only better.

As you rip open the box, you can start to see the glossy manual – almost glowing back at you.

Quickly, you discard the protective packing… and hold the first volume of the Group Attraction Manifesto in your hand… and although you tell yourself it is impossible – you’ll swear, you can literally feel a magical feeling penetrating your finger tips…

Click on the link below now… and discover what you will see, once you open this amazing manual for the very first time.

What the hell is this?!? Some future adventure projections mixed with some NLP?!?

Why are you using it on us? It’s like quoting Bible verses to the Pope!!!

Let me reiterate some of the words and phrases used in it:

“…large box…”

I don’t want anything to do with any “large box”!!!

“…this box weighs more than you would have predicted…”

Beer goggles will do that to you!

“…With this package in your hands…”

No comment!

“…As you rip open the box…”

No comment again…

“…you discard the protective packing…”

…???…like a condom wrapper maybe…???…

“…you can literally feel a magical feeling penetrating your finger tips…”

Better my finger tips than my ass!

I remember Ross Jeffries trying to claim that NLP is LETHAL when it comes to marketing products but I think this is proof that it is PRETTY DAMN CREEPY.

The page ends with a link to a PDF that you can download for free. It basically consists of a couple random pictures of half naked women and Mehow’s acknowledgments (strangely there is no mention of me I might add). That’s it, no real content.

For the record, Mehow does give a lot of good free PDF samples and videos on his Group Attraction Blog but I couldn’t resist commenting on this!

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