Mehow’s Group Attraction Manifesto new launch schedule

Monday I made a post about Mehow’s Group Attraction Manifesto teleconference being that night.

I also said that the Group Attraction Manifesto was going to be released yesterday.

The teleconference didn’t happen Monday and the product wasn’t released yesterday. The dates on the Group Attraction site were not changed either.

I heard nothing about it until this morning when I finally got an email with the NEW launch schedule.

- The teleconference is going to happen TONIGHT at 7 PM PST. That is 9 PM CST and 10 PM EST.

- The Group Attraction Manifesto will be released this coming SUNDAY August 3rd.

You can go to the Group Attraction site to find more info on how to participate in the teleconference. The schedule on that site has also finally been updated to show the new dates.

Changing the launch time for seduction products at the last minute is starting to become an annoying trend (something similar happened with The Attraction Code launch).

With Vin DiCarlo, he said the issue had to do with his servers not being able to handle the flood of traffic. Mehow is claiming the printing is taking longer. Why not launch as scheduled and just let people know it will be mailed a few days later?

At the very least they should update the dates on their site in a more timely manner.

Oh well, I guess I’m in no position to question Mehow’s business practices. I just hate passing information to my readers that is not accurate because I was not properly informed.