Mehow’s Infield Insider June 2008 with Sean Messenger and Gia

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Sean Messenger had a dog named Gia and unfortunately it died recently of an ailment.

Here’s Sean and Gia from June’s Mehow Infield Insider

This is a short clip, you can get the full DVD by ordering it at the Infield Insider Vault.

First, Gia did her (or his?) part. The dog seemed very friendly, quiet and well mannered.

I wasn’t as impressed with Sean. He was a bit “dry” with his vibing if you ask me.

He was really direct…

I thought telling and writing his hotel room number down for the kiosk girl seemed a bit awkward and strange in that context. What was the girl supposed to do, just go to a hotel room of a guy she talked to for a few minutes? Wouldn’t that immediately trigger the anti-slut mechanism right there? Keep in mind this is all taking place during the day too.

I didn’t see enough comfort built in this video to merit the next meeting being in private. I think getting her phone number and trying to set up a date in a public setting relatively close to his hotel would garner more success.

I’m also not a fan of saying any form of the word “fuck” or talking about smoking pot or drinking alcohol during day game (at night is another story). Although saying these things may attract a few; I can see it making many more feeling uncomfortable which is something you don’t want. It’s all risk vs. reward and I think the risk is high and the potential reward is little. I think if your goal is to portray to the girl that you are a bad boy you need to do it in a much more subtle fashion (the little dog doesn’t help things either).

I was impressed with the way Sean spoke with a slow, confident and a soothing tonality. This is something I know I need to personally work on with myself. I talk fast.

From the evening news to YouTube to “House” on Fox, the mass media is filled with quick talking people with rapid-fire one-liners. It is important to make a conscious effort to slow yourself down.

I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover so I can’t judge Sean Messenger or the complete June Infield Insider by this short clip.

My overall opinion from this short clip is Gia DID get Sean extra attention and made the women more comfortable initially but I don’t think Sean did an extraordinary job of capitalizing on it.

Again, you can get the full DVD at the Infield Insider Vault or subscribe to Infield Insider to get all future DVDs

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