Mehow’s Reverse Number Close

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mehow-pua.jpgMehow is a popular guru who has just released his Group Attraction Manifesto this week.

Here’s a short article on how to number close by giving her your number.


Reverse Number Close by Mehow

It was a bad weekend for my phone.

Sometime last week, I was walking up the stairs with a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 that I was… admittedly… exited about.

As, I was focused on reading the back of the MGS4 case, I accidentally dropped my phone… which tumbled down a dozen stairs - leaving the screen of my phone shattered into a thousand little bits.

But you know how it is… Phone or no phone, you still have to keep sarging.

In this case, I went out and sarged 3 nights with no phone.

And in each case, I was a bit rushed so I kept on forgetting paper and even forgetting that I had no phone.

So there I was, time and time again, 20 minutes into a solid set… and… NO PHONE.


So I started saying:

“You are rad. I want your number… Unfortunately, my phone committed suicide earlier and is now plugged into life support at my house with its screen shattered into a thousand little bits… so you need to send me a text…”

At this point she will whip out her phone, and I tell her my cell phone number as she types it in

Then I say:

“You have to send me a text that says … so that way I can sort you out from all the other girls.”

And the result?

This little reverse phone close worked 4 out of 4 times!

Now, this is a handy little technique you can use, especially if you find yourself talking to a beautiful woman… and for whatever reason - you’re without your phone.

Or if you’re like me… and forgot that the world still uses pen and paper occasionally.

And when you do have your phone - use my surefire Phone Close, as described in the “Get The Girl!” manual.

Either way… you’ll get her number!


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