My final conclusion from the Dr. Phil episode

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There were some good comments left in my previous post about the Dr. Phil episode. They got me thinking and I came up with my final comment and conclusion from the whole Dr. Phil episode fiasco:

I don’t really care what others think of the seduction community.

In the past I’ve always taken the bait on any article or story that pictured the seduction community in a bad light. I thought I was some knight who needed to defend the seduction community’s honor.

But if there is one thing I learned from the seduction community it is to stop being so defensive, particularly when confronted with a shit test. So then why was I always so defensive in regards to these “haters”?

The truth is the seduction community works for me and it probably works for you if you are reading this. Why should I give a shit what Dr. Phil or some newspaper editorialist thinks of it? Why am I wasting my time arguing and trying to change their minds?

Ultimately the seduction community is going to win over the world by them seeing the successful results it gets with people. If people are too blind to see the results, I’m not going to spend my time or money to get them glasses. Instead I am going to spend my time and money to make me harder, better, faster, stronger.

That’s that, I’m on to new topics this afternoon…

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  • Yummy Stale Bread
    April 15th, 2008 at 10:55 am

    I agree a hundred percent. I do enjoy giving my opinion on media coverage of the community, but I have no desire to go out of my way to defend it from such coverage or let negative coverage bother me. As long as I use what I learn to better myself and to have wonderful interactions with new and interesting people, and my own personal conduct is not coming into question, then whatever other people’s misconceptions are about the community as a whole is has nothing to do with me.

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