My new puppy and baby rental to pick up chicks business!

Monday I made a post on how I don’t agree with Stephen Nash’s opinion that you should get a dog if you want to attract women.

Nash returned volley with a comment saying my post totally destroyed his idea for his new site about picking up chicks with dogs.

His comment got me thinking. Where there’s a problem there’s big money if you come up with the right solution.

Well guys, I came up with a GREAT idea to solve this dilemma involving using a dog to attract women without having to put up with the responsibility of owning a dog!

I am going to open two businesses… Mack’s Infant Day Care and Dog Walking and Mack’s Baby and Puppy Rental.

You can drop off your baby for day care or dog to be walked and we’ll charge you money. Then once you leave we will take your baby or dog to the other shop and charge guys to rent them to walk around and pick up chicks with. They can return them when they are done and you can pick them up right when it is time to change their diaper or pick ticks off them.

Everyone wins and I make shit loads of money $$$!

Expect franchises in the future.

Let’s see Johnny Wolf trump this with one of his many super cool pickup business ideas!!!

Thanks Stephen Nash, I owe you for the idea…

(Now aren’t you especially glad to know that I do not have any kids or pets :) )