My opinion about Sex Coaches

NathanX just released his Sexual Mastery Volume 2: Relationship Management minutes ago.

If you are unfamiliar with NathanX, he is a guy who teaches guys about sex. He calls himself a “sex coach”.

I initially had mixed feelings promoting a mohawked dude who holds sex workshops.

One particular issue I had with all these “sex coaches” who like to circle the fringes of the seduction community is that their promotional videos seem to mimic porn rather than provide information on how they help guys become more sexually confident and successful.


- Any of the ads for videos you see on seduction sites with titles like:
“Cum see our video of a girl SQUIRTING!!!”

- The promotional video for Volume 1 of NathanX’s Sexual Mastery program which is three minutes of him rabbit fucking and mushroom stamping girls wearing masquerade masks all to the tune of Calvin Harris’s “(I Get All) The Girls”. Don’t believe me, watch it here (becomes very NSFW one minute into it).

Why doesn’t he use a video like the one below to promote his volume 1?

Wouldn’t a video like that do a better job of explaining what his product is about?

Who am I trying to kid…

I bet you clicked on the NSFW link and watched that video until the end and you clicked the YouTube instructional video above and watched it for about five seconds…

Squirting and sucking sells! The material is about satisfying women sexually so why not use promotional material showing the instructor satisfying women sexually?

I finally got past my mixed feelings and realized that these sex coaches are overall a good thing.

Being able to be confident sexually and learning solid techniques to satisfy your woman is essential. Guys like NathanX are willing to help you out.

Our Western culture tends to make sex taboo while glorifying violence. I guess maybe it should be the other way around.

I probably took 1000’s of hours of gym classes throughout my schooling but I only really got about 5 hours of thorough, comprehensive sex education in school. And those hours of sex education were given to me before I was even having sex.

I guess you learn on your own as you go. I also guess you can learn from talking to friends and watching porn, TV and movies.

I now agree that learning from a “sex coach” may be better.

I just wish that they would market themselves a bit differently.

You can click here to visit NathanX’s Master Your Sex Life site and find out more about the products and bootcamps that his company offers…