My Thoughts on Ross Jeffies and Johnny Wolf whoring Pheromone Products

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Let me get this off my chest…

It really annoys the shit out of me when guys like Johnny Wolf and Ross Jeffries try to push pheromone products to members of the community.

Here’s a video of Ross Jeffries plugging Alpha Impact pheromones products:

I think the idea of a “magical” cologne or soap that will cast “spells” over women and make them want to fuck you when they smell it is a complete bunch of carnie snake oil bullshit.

I believe in selling guys who are not successful with women products and services that will help them change their inner game and learn better social skills. I obviously do not believe in fucking them over by selling them a magical pipe dream.

For these supposed gurus to be promoting this stuff is totally fucking hypocritical of them and shows how far they will go to make a quick buck and scam their followers.

I do give Ross credit for having enough sense to distance himself from the pheromones claims of the product. He seems to know it is BS but yet plugs the product anyhow and even has allowed his name to be used in conjunction with an upcoming body mist product by the company.

If they just advertised it as a cologne or soap I would have no problem. Maybe some girls may like the smell…

But lets face it, no guy would buy these $15 bars of soap or a $77 bottle of no-name cologne if it wasn’t for statements like:

“100% Guaranteed To Magically Enhance Your Sexual Attraction”


“The Secret used by Pick Up Artists to Lure Women under their Spell”

And I want to also say I’m disappointed in Sinn for actually plugging Wolf’s cologne at the PUA Summit:

I have a lot of respect for Sinn and have promoted him a lot in 2008 on this blog. Plugging crap like cologne with “alpha male pheromones” makes me think twice about doing it in the future.

Now I know I’ve promoted a lot of products on this site. Some may have been questionable in retrospect. I’m often an affiliate of products I don’t recommend because I might as well get paid if you don’t take my advice and do buy the product…

But I NEVER, NEVER would speak positively of a product like this. Maybe that will keep eSeduce from being a top seduction site but so be it…

Mack’s got morals!

Now I gotta go snort coke off a hooker’s ass…

UPDATE: Add Thundercat to the list of pheromone whores…

It’s casual,
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  • Bobby Rio
    July 9th, 2008 at 11:18 am

    maybe eseduce and TSB can partner up and create the first “DICK ENLARGEMENT PILLS FOR THE PUA”

    Judging from the # downloads my “Is penis size important” podcasts recieved- we’d stand to make a forune.

    If that doesn’t work will patent Love Potion #9.

  • Mack Tight
    July 9th, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    You’re a genius Rio! Why am I fighting it when we can sell out too!

    I’ll make some bullshit award like “PUA of the Millenium” and Mystery will be so egotistical he will be sure to accept it with an hour long speech.

    We will stick the pills in a felt pouch and give it to Mystery subtly along with the award.

    Then we can advertise that “TSB and eSeduce PUA Penis Pills are the same pills used by Mystery to attract women with his huge enhanced penis!!”

    (this is basically what Johnny Wolf did with his cologne if you didn’t get the reference)

  • Iamnotapua
    July 9th, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Awesome and very true post.

    No one should buy this shit. It’s obvious the guy is just looking to make some money from chumps who think this will work.

    It’s a disgrace to the community. And an insult to it’s intelligence.

    The only way smell effects pick-up is if you haven’t showered in a few days.

  • Mike Stoute
    July 9th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    In both our efforts to bring some legitimacy to the industry, we are always faced with the slick oil salesmen who are here to sell more and more products.

    My question is:

    If all of their products DID work, why would you need another book or better yet cologne to get women since you already own QUALITY products?
    Maybe I’m using the word quality too loosely..

    @Bobby you’re so right, what new porn industry products will they spin off as seduction next?

    I think a PUA cock ring would sell. How’s that for pee-cocking!

  • Scot McKay
    July 9th, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    The same outfit that R.J. is working with approached me and actually sent a sample. I could not support endorsing the product, so I didn’t.

    It smelled feminine (”Love’s Baby Soft” is what came to mind, like the girls wore to school back in 9th grade), the bottle was defective (didn’t spray) and after giving it a few days’ worth of honest “field testing” I would swear it had the opposite effect to what was advertised.

    In short, I gave it a fair shot and therefore am objective in my decision not to endorse it.

  • Im an asshole 2
    July 9th, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    What’s up with that fuckin dead raccoon on Sin’s head???

    He either needs to stop combing the hair up from his ass or take off that ridiculous toupee.

  • Johnny Wolf
    July 9th, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    You know what, you’re right.

    I changed the website and got rid of the cheesiness. It’s an amazing smelling cologne that works, and that’ll sell itself. I truly believe that pheremones do work, it worked on me.

    But that’s up to contraversay. Thanks for voicing your 2 cents about this, and check out the new site.

  • Dennis
    July 10th, 2008 at 3:48 am

    Ross Jeffries has clearly lost his way. I know a lot of men out there who did NOT have succes thanks to his products, I know shows where he was one where he TOTALLY fucked everything up, he endorses FAKE products like this, he argues with other guru’s within the community (wasn’t David De Angelo his student one day?) AND look at the guy himself…is THAT supposed to be someone who should ‘enlighten’ you about how to be more succesful with women and dating? When I go to personal coaching from THIS guy, what I DO expect is becoming enlighted…thanks to the crack pipe. He’s an insult to the community.

    - The Win With Women Blog

  • David Wygant
    July 10th, 2008 at 10:30 am

    Ross looked me right in the eyes and said he would never whore out crap like this.

    Give me a break.

    If you can’t attract a woman with your words and attitude it does not matter what you smell like.

    But people are always looking for the magic pill and I am sure many guys will fall for this crap.

    There is no magic pill…without confidence you don’t get laid!

  • Mike Stoute
    July 10th, 2008 at 10:47 am

    It’s an amazing smelling cologne that works, and that’ll sell itself. I truly believe that pheremones do work, it worked on me.

    Is this guy Johnny Wolf for real? What a way to destroy your credibility!
    I herd of the PUA Summit, but now that I know it’s run by a guy pushing pheremone cologne; one who actually believes it works,WTF!

    @Im an asshole 2 - LMAO

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