My week and half absence explained

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eSeduce is back after a week and a half of being down.

The reason I took it down was because I got iframe hacked. I had to take all my blogs down fast because I didn’t want to harm any of my readers.

I still don’t know how it was done but I have a few ideas. It could have been my fault or my host fault. They could have exploited this blog or another one of my blogs or even came in through my host.

I admit my Wordpress installation and many of my plugins were out of date. I have since done what I can to update and prevent it from happening again.

I spent a week and a half studying Wordpress and server security. It was time well spent and I have learned a lot.

If you have a blog or site I hope you can learn from my misfortune. Here are some suggestions I make to you in reflection from my experience:

1. Back up your blog/files weekly if not daily

I only backed up my files once every couple months or when I made a serious change. Big mistake!

Backing up my whole site is as simple as clicking a link in my administrator panel and downloading a huge zipped file. It is not hard to do and can save your ass big time!

2. Keep your Wordpress and plugins up to date

Sure, the changes you hear about usually seem unneeded and pure aesthetics but the changes that you don’t hear about are the security updates.

I hadn’t updated my Wordpress version since I started this blog (about a year ago). I updated it and it was a hell of a lot easier to do than I ever expected it to be.

I personally am going to start spend one day a month to update my blogs from now on.

3. Change passwords regularly

My rule was to make a good, solid password and keep using it forever. My new rule is to change all passwords monthly if not more often.

4. Get a good host

My host is not bad for being a budget hosting company. The low cost means that if I have questions or problems it is done on THEIR time and not MINE.

That means no phone or email contact. I am forced to leave “support tickets” that get answered many hours later and then are often not answered to the level I would like them to be answered at.

I’m not getting rich off my sites but I am making enough that I’m going to consider getting a host where a technician is more accessible.

So in summary…

Basically I am suggesting you prepare yourself for possible problems by backing up, try to prevent problems by keeping your site up to date and buy services from people who can give you good service when you are in a bind and really need it.

On top of that, I have educated myself on some additional preventive measures to try to keep the bad guys out.

On the other side, I recommend if you surf the net to have antivirus and antispyware programs running and keep them up to date.

I have a friend who keeps telling me that the big antivirus programs are in bed with virus programmers and hackers in order to keep their software in demand. That may be true, but you are fucked if you do and fucked if you don’t. I rather be fucked out of $40 a year by an antivirus company than fucked out of my life earnings from a hacker.

The hacking and security issues of the internet is really fucking scary. I can only see it getting worse as time goes on. It was a real eye opener. It is like a dude who fucked girls without a condom for years and then one day looked down to see green puss dripping out of his cock. I similarly learned that I should be more careful the hard way.

Aside from the hacking bullshit, I’ve been busy with a ton of other shit too. Summer really kicks ass in Milwaukee and I’m going to make the best of it.

Expect new updates later today and then daily.

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It’s casual,

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