Mystery and Matador on CNN

Mystery and Matador were on a segment called “In the Name of Love” on CNN recently.

Here’s the video followed by my comments:

You can get the book The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed that they show in the video at Amazon by clicking here. It is well worth the money.

It is really annoying how almost half the screen is taken up with voting results, CNN logos and titles. At times I could only see half the faces of some of the people talking.

Other than that it was standard guru interview flair. It was a bit anti-pickup but it was fairly neutral overall.

I find it ridiculous when these shows interview women on their opinions of the teaching of pickup. You never see them actually ask the question; you only see their response. I’m sure they word the question with a negative connotation.

The only questions and answers that really matter are if these students see results. In this video they try to disprove The Mystery Method by showing just one student make only one opening in a loud and dark bar. That sounds like a fair study…not.

Oh yeah … Matador’s furry leopard coat was a bit too much for me.