The Rise of Mystery and his Methods

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Mystery the Pick up artist guru PUA VH1Face it, today much of the teachings in the seduction community are in some way derived from Mystery PUA and his Methods.

But how did he become so popular? The following are my beliefs for the biggest reasons for his success.

The Demand for a Structured Pickup System

One of the ongoing jokes in David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating programs are “When are you going to tell us some pickup lines?” David D gave us a lot of theory and insight on how to act and deal with women but he never gave us a solid word-for-word and step-by-step system.

Newbies wanted canned material. They wanted the act of approaching, opening and closing dissected and explained to them. They didn’t want to come up with their own openers and routines.

From canned openers and routines to his M3 model; Mystery gave them what they demanded.

Neil Stauss choosing him as the protagonist for “The Game

Neil Strauss was a published author who saw an opportunity to make some loot off of the seduction community by writing a book about it. But first he needed a protagonist for the book.

Mystery was a good choice for many factors. He was well-established and highly regarded in the community. He had original methods, theories, terminologies and routines that Strauss could piggyback off of and write about. He was volatile. He had drama in his life regarding family, friends and lovers. He was eccentric and charismatic. He was an all-around interesting guy who could be portrayed as likeable.

On the flip side Tyler Durden was made the antagonist. Was it justified? I can’t answer that. He made a good bad guy for the book nonetheless. I find Tyler just as captivating of a PUA guru in many aspects as Mystery.


You can either agree with the peacocking theory or mock it but you have to admit that Mystery’s attire made him the marketable “rock star” of the seduction community in the eye of the mass media. I’m sure his attire along with his relatively good looks and charismatic speaking ability helped lead to VH1 choosing him for “The Pick Up Artist“.

When a record company wants to sign a marketable up-and-coming rock star they are not looking for unattractive artists who wear khakis and polos. Imagine Tommy Lee without piercings, long hair and exotic clothes. It wouldn’t be the same.

Mystery is one of the only PUA’s that is so distinguishable by his attire that you can dress as him for Halloween. That made him stick out from the crowd.


With the exposure of VH1’s “The Pick Up Artist”, Mystery is now the most widely known member of the community. He has transcended from just being a pickup guru to being a pop cultural star and icon.

But all the exposure to him and his methods has shown the flaws and faults of many of the major and most notable components of his pick up system.

With that all said and done, tomorrow I bring you the downfall of Mystery and his Methods …

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