Mystery on Peacocking

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Here’s a classic video of Mystery from a seminar back in the day discussing peacocking

Did you catch the young Tyler Durden in this clip?

No matter how other gurus try to strategically market peacocking as “creepy”… the truth is that it WORKS…

Venusian Arts has since distanced themselves from the term “peacocking”, instead referring to it as “creating your avatar”…

…but I still proudly call it “peacocking”!!!

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  • dave
    January 21st, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    I love mysterys concept of peacocking but I believe some guys have taken it a bit far. If you are comfortable & congruent with peacocking then it works wonders but otherwise you will look a fool. I heard mystery was goner do a new edition of the art of peacocking but I think he has already milked the seduction community of everything its worth. Some great tips in this video, also he has got some tips on youtube regarding the matter

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