Mystery shows up at the Affiliate Summit

Mystery showed up at the Affiliate Summit West convention in Las Vegas on Monday.


He was a registered attendee associated with the company “Venusian Arts - Mystery Method”.

Venusian Arts just released Venusian Arts Revelation which is an update and expansion of his prior Mystery Method book.

What do you think of his facial hair? It reminds me of Don Johnson circa 1984. Is it now mandatory that gurus have a goatee, beard or ’stache?

I also notice that it looks like his coat is turned inside out. This reminds me of the episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will turns his school uniform suit coat inside out so the flashy lining is on the outside.

There were other seduction companies at the convention too.

Love Systems were there. They also had their Superconference at the Sahara this past weekend.

Hot Topic Media also attended. HTM is the name of David DeAngelo’s company that includes his Double Your Dating line of products.

Since Mystery was registered as “Venusian Arts - Mystery Method” and Love Systems was registered as “Love Systems” it seems like the “Mystery Method” name seems to be back to being affiliated with Mystery. He was also using the “Mystery Method” name when Mystery Matador on CNN.

If this is the case and when and if the domains change hands back to him, can he do us all a favor and drop the whole “Venusian Arts” schtick once and for all.

I get it; Mars was the god of war and Venus was the goddess of love so rather than the martial arts for fighting we have the venusian arts for loving. It makes sense but it is still hard to spell and incredibly cheesy if you ask me.

I always liked the “my name is Mystery and these are my methods, hence the Mystery Method”. It was simple, it was logical and it didn’t involve a lesson on Greek mythology.

I can see why he tried to reinvent the wheel because he lost his patent to it but now that it seems like he has it back, why not use it again?