Mystery’s wing(wo)men and the air date of “The Pick Up Artist” second season is announced

tara the pick up artist season 2 vh1VH1 released a press release that had two important things in it that I haven’t covered in my recent prior posts.

First, the show is going to air in the 4th quarter. I’m not 100% sure how VH1’s quarters are structured but I can only assume the 4th quarter would mean it would debut the earliest around late August and end at the latest around early December to avoid Christmas. This basically means it is going to air at roughly the same time it aired last year if not possibly a month later.

They also disclosed who Mystery’s wingmen are going to be in the show. My prior hunch that Matador would be back and J Dog would be gone was right.

The second wingman is instead a wing girl, Tara. She was apparently the girl from the first season who had the contestants making out with fruit and popping chubbies during the lingerie show.

Having her as a wingman …err, wingwoman makes sense from a ratings and business point of view. Having a woman more involved will silence some of the critics.

As a seduction community member I personally would have liked to have saw Lovedrop be the other wing. I although understand TV is a business and although he is a captivating speaker he is not as “TV-friendly” as Matador or Tara.

You can check out my post and comments that I made a month ago and most everything I said happened came out being relatively true.

I must be fucking psychic. My new PUA name is Mackstradamus.

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