Mystery’s Straw Bar Trick EXPOSED by Brad Jackson

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A while back I posted a video of Brad Jackson of PUMA Skills showing how to do his Sugar Stab trick

Well, Brad is back at it and this time he is exposing a trick Mystery uses to get a straw to magically fall out of a girls drink…

You can see a video of Mystery performing the trick and then Brad Jackson ratting out how he does it at the link below:


It’s a simple yet neat trick… but this all brings up some questions for me…

Isn’t exposing another magician’s tricks kind of a bitch move?!

Won’t this get you kicked out of University of Phoenix Magic Academy or something?!

You wouldn’t want them revoking your wand or anything…

Shouldn’t Brad be wearing a mask like a lucha libre wrestler when doing this?!

I care for your safety and well being Brad!

I don’t want Mystery to get angry and come and deplete your survival and replication skills or anything!

He might talk your ears off and scratch you to death with his black fingernails!

I kid… I kid…

I don’t know if I’ll be carrying a “loop” like in this video with me to the bars anytime soon but I can see myself adding some of Brad’s other tricks into my repertoire.

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