New site:

Seduction BootcampsIt took me a while but I think is finally ready to be formally announced here.

The site is a consistently updating list of upcoming seduction bootcamps, workshops, conferences and seminars for many of the popular seduction companies. It includes information like price, instructors and speakers for each event. You can search by company, country or city.

If you want to take a bootcamp or find a conference it is definitely the handiest site out there. Otherwise you would have to navigate through several confusing company sites and endure an endless barrage of pop-ups and sales pitches just to find a bootcamp near your city or country that may or may not exist.

If your company isn’t listed and you want it to be, let me know.

It really seems like a simple site but it blew my mind how hard it was to throw together. I needed a crash course on PHP programming to get it to work. I’m really glad I’m a computer programmer by trade.

If only I had a second degree in “marketing” then I would have saved myself years of blogging to finally figure it out the hard way…