New Year’s Eve PUA Tips and Advice To Pickup Girls

Saturday is New Year’s Eve, so I figured I’d give you some quick last minute tips to help you get some action that night…

1.) Get to the party or club early

2.) Don’t drink too much, pace yourself

3.) Talk to as many girls as possible early on

4.) Find out if they are married or in a relationship early on

5.) Be close to a girl (or girls) you want to kiss before midnight

6.) Go for the kiss at 12am

7.) Immediately transition her to another bar, club, restaurant or to your house

Remember, the bars or clubs may be open until 6am on New Year’s Eve… but all the quality women who are D.T.F. will be gone by 2am… It all goes downhill after midnight…

So to some it up, the main differences between New Years Eve and other weekend nights are:

1.) There’s more married and women in relationships out to avoid

2.) The night typically starts and goes downhill earlier than normal

3.) You have the ultimate excuse to go for the kiss

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Happy New Year!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight