Nick Savoy’s Girlfriend

Did you know Savoy of Love Systems has a girlfriend?

Did you know she is 10 years younger than him?

Did you know she is an “actress”?

Savoy, you stud-muffin!

Savoy and his girlfriend

Her name is Arrin and they have been going out for over a year now.

Apparently Arrin went so far as to dye her hair blond because she knew Savoy prefers blonds.

Savoy showered her with extra love and affection in recognition of her efforts to please him.

How do I know this you ask?

Savoy and Arrin exposed this all themselves in a brief interview with “The Globe and Mail” a few months ago to promote his Relationship Management DVD program.

I give him credit for making his girlfriend public, I wouldn’t be so candid personally.

This all leads to the one BIG question…

Is she a REAL actress or just one of those “actresses” who works at the The Coffee Bean?!

Let’s see her IMDB page Nick!

I kid… I kid…

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