Night Club Game

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Here’s an article by Gunwitch with his tips and methods for night club game…


Gun here

This one is a bit, well a lot, long, but well worth the read for bar and club oriented users of my methods.

My Way of Gun audio course have taken street, party, social circle and otherwise non club and bar pick ups to extreme new heights of success, success that many said wasn’t possible for street pick ups.

Many do not like trying to pick up women outside of bars and clubs, which is a shame in my book, but more on this later.

Through many years now, and recent fresh new strategy and analysis in bar and club scene, as well as training guys to do bar and club pick ups I have developed some mindsets, action plans, tricks and tactics that will increase your success dramatically.

I had originally planned an in depth archetype of each club type and how to game her. As I looked back over the years and hit the club scene again with fresh analysis I realized one does not need to be that thorough, one only must understand some key points to take their success level in clubs up a few notches.

Most of this is for use in LARGE club and bar venues with lots of people and live or DJ music.

Lets get started in this.

First off we need to checklist the “OF COURSE” items. Things from my books and audio, things from ANY source you must have down for this more advanced material to work for you.


Dress normal or even flashy or whatever. Basically you aren’t looking like a dork for your own personal niche and venues.

You know women dig sex and want it. Either by logic or experience you know this.

You are relaxed around women physically and outcome wise. Another wards women do not put you in to a nervous anxiety state and you are not obsessed with doin EVERY chick, and realize this is your SEX LIFE, not a quest to do EVERY chick.

Do not eject, you get rejected. You don’t run off from dead spots in conversations with women, you realize it is natural, you can stick in there. ESPECIALLY IN CLUBS AND BARS. Women in clubs and bars often have a knee jerk reaction to being approached. Sometimes this knee jerk or automatic reaction is to clam up and let you do the talking, other times it is to be a little bit snotty or make a verbal quip. Whatever the reaction though you must be past ejecting on your end and GET rejected before you will move on.

Finally you have the ability to sexually project and vibe, or get attraction rather than rapport going. Even more so if you do not understand the difference between attraction and rapport do not read any further.

Basics you must have there. Basics above are good enough to get you a good 1 in 20 club/bar women you approach in bed. That is not the goal of this here club method though. The goal here is to get a FULL understanding of the advanced methodology of the club beyond these common volume (approach enough ya get one in bed) methods, just as I did for daytime, street, and social circle game.

In part 2 we will discuss YOUR state and how it alters when you enter a club or bar or packed social event.

Click here to read Night Club Game Part 2: Your State…


Click here for nearly 20 minutes of free audio from Gunwitch’s Way of Gun program…

Night Club Game

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