My opinions about night game

There are many arguments between day game and night life as far as the best time and place to pick up women.

I prefer picking up women at bars and clubs at night. When I move to a new city I scout out the bars and clubs closest to the nearest college.

I’m 31 years young. I have no hang-ups about going to college bars. I have no hang-ups dating or sleeping with women ten years younger (or for that matter ten years older) than I am. When you are not hung up on your age I find that women are not hung up on your age. If my age comes up I freely tell them that I am 31. Usually they say I do not look my age and we move on with the conversation.

If you are not concerned about your age, women are not concerned about your age.

I could go to some club or bar with older patrons and try to pick up divorced forty year olds with kids but why would I? If that is your preference then go for it but I like younger women with no baggage.

I am social and know more people at most of these college bars than most of the college kids. I fit in more than some of the college kids and I belong there. I do not fit in or belong at the VFW or the townie bar.

I’m not trying to relive my college years. I am only going out at a venue where the women I’m most attracted to hang out at. If you are going fishing you don’t drop your line in a mud puddle; you go to the lake or river.

Go to the venue based on the demographic of women you are most attracted to and not based on the demographic you happen to fall into.

I like bars and clubs that are not primarily “dance” clubs. I find the dance floor distracting. Women who go to dance clubs are usually more interested in getting attention rather than getting laid.

I am not a fan of places that serve food. I do not go to bar and grills. I do not go to sports bars. You will not see me voluntarily sarging at an Applebee’s or a Buffalo Wild Wings. If I somehow end up there with friends, family or business colleagues I’ll certainly make the best of it.

I like venues with the music at a volume low enough where I can comfortably speak to a woman without the need to yell. I also like venues where most sets are standing up rather than setting down.

I prefer venues that are full of sets but not overly crowded. I want room to operate and do not want to be bumped around. I like places where most people are drinking but few if any are overly drunk.

I’m extremely picky about which venues I go to, why shouldn’t I be? I’m a busy guy. I’m going out to meet women and if I can find a venue that greatly increases my chances for success I will definitely go there rather than to some shitty bar a wingman wants to drag me to because they have cheap beer specials and he is poor . Every city I’ve lived in I have been able to find one or two venues that fit my mold.

Select the bars and clubs that you go to wisely and carefully. Keep your standards high just as you do with the women you date.

When I find a venue I like I usually arrive just before it really gets crowded. Usually around 10:30. I belly up to the bar and bullshit with the bartenders and the people who are coming up to order drinks as they enter the bar.

Once the bar gets more crowded I get up and position myself in the most desirable location in the bar. In some bars it is in the center of the bar, in others it is up front around the DJ booth. I will then talk to whoever I choose to. If there is no one around me I will start moving around like I am on a mission until I get to a set I want to open.

I remember one night when I was still an AFC as an experiment I went to a bar and for the whole night I trudged through the bar at a rapid pace. I was not looking around the bar aimlessly, I was looking forward like I was on a mission. I was like a bouncer trying to make his way to a fight to break it up. I did this for about an hour until a hot girl stopped me. I smiled and talked to her and later went home with her.

Nothing is worse than setting around and not talking to people. If necessary just move your feet.

A lot of people will enter a set and stay with it as long as possible. I like to open as many sets and leave on a high as possible earlier in the night. I like to plant seeds. I see many guys who will spend hours on a set or a girl and find themselves empty handed at 1pm once the girl leaves. They are left with no prospects and having to start over from scratch.

Social proof is more noted by women once the attraction was priorly initiated.

One of my downfalls in the past was drinking excessive alcohol. I was shy and didn’t initiate conversations without being loaded with alcohol. I seldom maintained that perfect level and usually exceeded it. I became a drunken incoherent slob.

Learn how to pace your drinking if you choose to drink.

Half the time I used to give myself an excuse to not have to approach women. Those nights I left home alone or with an ugly. The other half of the time I created incredible pressure upon myself to go home with a girl without having a plan. I ended up having an unpleasant night and usually going home alone. Now I focus on having fun and being social and go home with more women than I have in the past.

Smile, be social and have fun.

You are lucky to be as young as you are now. You will never be younger than you are now whether you are 20 or 60.

You are lucky to live where you live now. Make the best of the opportunities and venues that exist in your city.

Every night that you go out it should be a celebration and you should be having fun. If you are not having fun you are doing something wrong or hanging with the wrong people.

The seduction community has completely changed my outlook on life. It has made me appreciate things that I took for granted and improve things that I didn’t know needed improving. My attitude is different when I go out. I am more happy, fun and confident.

If you want more information on night club game, check out Mehow’s Get The Girl! Nightlife Edition ebook. It is full of useful techniques and information. I also recommend checking out his Infield Exposed DVD program full of hidden camera night club opening and approaches with the techniques used described in detail by him (check out some sample videos).

It’s casual,

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